12+ Bun Hairstyles for Lehenga To Try This Wedding Season

Lehengas are gorgeous and deserve all the attention. But without proper bun hairstyles for lehenga, will your look ever be complete? Not all bun hairstyles are bland. You can have these professional hair stylist-like buns this wedding season.

All you have to do is a little here and there and some tit-bit hair twisting. Follow 13 different bun hairstyle looks for your exquisite lehengas throughout this article. Read on!

1. Floral Crown Bun

Floral Crown Bun

A beautiful flower is missing to make your simple hair knot complete. For auspicious occasions and made-for wedding seasons, adding a flower to your hair will complement your ethnic getover. It’s a smart and quick way to save your time whenever you are in a rush but not in the mood to compromise with the look.

Floral Bun Reception Hairstyle for Lehenga

Here are different ways of adding flowers to your simple bun. Don’t skip them for your reception party.

  • Coiling the bun with jasmine along with hairpins at the center.
  • Low buns with orchid and rose in between.
  • Single knot with a side floral look. (Use prominent ones like orchids or roses).
  • Hair bun adorned with garlands.

2. Chic Mid-Bun

Chic Mid-Bun

You have to leave no stone unturned for a well-tucked chic mid-bun look. You can have elegant buns just by adding some white pearls and chained stones in between your buns.

Such a peal bun hairstyle can fill the place for natural floral tucked appearances. You can also add pearl or bead hair pins if you can’t arrange chains on short notice. Such modern bun hairstyles for lehenga are worth trying with other Western outfits including gowns and sequin bodycon.

3. Massy Low Bun 

Massy Low Bun 

Those who have round faces with chubby cheeks should check out the low messy bun hairstyle for lehenga idea. Low messy buns make your hair appear voluminous and fuller. If you have wavy hair conditions that often get tangled, low bans are easily manageable even in their messy form.

Messy Low Bun Tips

  • Those with short or medium-length hair can try out low buns.
  • Fine hair types with messy low buns have a fuller look.
  • You can pin a broch at the bun top and shine with elegance.

4. Messy Side Bun

Messy Side Bun

Embracing your natural hairstyle is the best possible way to flaunt with style. For your lehenga getover, you can try out a super curly side hair bun. Don’t forget to carry a hair setting spray to own the messy but not-so-messy idea. The messy hair bun hairstyle for lehenga would look bohemic or chic by fixing little hair accessories.

5. Classy Perfect Bun

Classy Perfect Bun

Those who are not into the messy hair idea can get their hair straight and shiny and follow this bun idea. You can have a perfect classy bun that would look smooth and fine for your designer lehenga. Don’t forget to wear dazzling earrings which are complementary to your professional classy bun.

6. Twisted Rope Bun

Twisted Rope Bun

Rope buns are the easiest bridal bun you have ever tried out. All you have to do is make sections of your hair and twist it in a coiled way. Use hairpins to fix every twisted bun layer. Rope buns are the most experimented modern bun hairstyles for lehenga, which are worth trying out.

Rope Bun Hacks:

  • Rope buns are the best way of showing off your strand highlights.
  •  You would look great with a rope bun in black and blonde hair.
  • For bridal rope hair, wear a deep-shoulder cut blouse with jhumkas.

7. Fishtail French Bun

Top modern French knots with lehengas would create a contemporary fashion trend. The fishtail knot may appear tricky at first sight but you can carry on with the hairstyle very easily.

All you have to do is a side mermaid braid with your frontal hair section. And then tie a knot at the top by including the mermaid braid with it. As a reception hair style for lehenga, it would be a perfect match.

8. Pamela Anderson Inspired Updo

Pamela Anderson Inspired Updo

Those having medium-length hair often face issues in doing top buns. But no longer it would be a real issue. You can divide your hair into sections and individually curl every section.

Leave out the bangs or front hair section to have locs.  With the rest of your hair, you have to pin every curly strand and overall have a messy bun vibe.

9. Simple Bridal Bun

Simple Bridal Bun

If you are not a hair styling person, this bun hairstyle for the Lehenga idea will suit you. All you need is a sober wider hair broach to cover up on your behalf. Do a simple bun and at the center place the stoned or golden broach.

10. Bun with a Ribbon

Bun with a Ribbon

A puffy bun with a simple bun can give major hair goals for others. With your ribbon, you can also try out different knots that will go with your simple bun. Have two side braids pinned and make a low bun with your ribbon.

The ribbon bun idea is mainly for sleek straight hair and may not turn out well on curls. Those ribbon-tied knots will remind you of the retro setting look back from the ’80s days. 

11. Japanese Hair Bun

Japanese Hair Bun

Need a break from ethnic or Western modern bun hairstyles for lehenga? How about the Japanese twisted low bun idea? You can attach a cute pretty side clip at your lower bun.

Japanese buns look surreal so make sure that your irregular tiny hairs are not messing up your entire look. Use your hair serum to have a cute aesthetic ethnic bun.

12. Oversized Flower Bun

Oversized Flower Bun

How many roses are too many roses? If you are a flower admirer, you can have floral-covered buns. The idea is that you make a puff at the frontal part and a small bun behind. Keep on tucking roses till your bun is covered up with the beautiful roses. Try out this reception hair style for lehenga and have some pretty snaps.

Flower Buns Tips:

  • Covering your hair with too many roses itself is a dramatic idea. So to make sure all eyes are on your hair, wear light jewellery including necklaces.
  • Back-open red blouses with bridal sarees would look extra special.

13. Boho Messy Buns

Boho Messy Buns

The messy bun hairstyle for Lehenga is unique in the sense that it won’t be old-fashioned anytime soon. The boho chic bun is celebrity-inspired and would help express your bold personality inside out. The boho bun idea is for those who want to look casual but classy wearing designer-fitted wedding dresses.

Why Buns for Lehengas?

 When you want to style your hair professionally which will be fair for your Legenga look, then buns are the best way out. Here are a few reasons to choose bun hairstyles for Lehenga over others. Know below-

1. Buns Are Classy

Even with simple buns and few tucked pins and flowers, your hair will appear classy. Unlike other regular ones like ponytails or braids, your bun will go with every sort of lehenga. This includes the intricate design, backless, retro, and simple ones.

2. Different Styles in Buns

Buns never are of only one sort of hairstyle. You will find different styles of buns without much effort. Based on your preference and hair type, you can have messy buns, classy, chic boho, floral buns, and more. You can also experiment with two or different styles of bun to have your customized hairstyle with lehengas.

3. Easy to Manage

Unlike braids or untied hair curls, with buns, you can go easy. You don’t have to worry about all kinds of messy conditions including tangled hair, hair loss, or dull looks. Well tied knot will make you feel refreshed and beautiful at the same time on tiresome days including as a bride on your wedding day.

4. For Different Hair Lengths

For longer and dense hair types, it’s easy to try out a variety of hairstyles. But short and medium hair people find it difficult to fix their hair with ethnic dresses. For your lehengas, you can’t be boring. So instead those having short hair can trick others with puffy hair bun looks. They can come up with elegant hairstyles in minutes.

5. Elegant Bums with Less Accessories

Bun hairstyles for Lehenga can create an overall dramatic appearance even with fewer accessories. All you need is a bunch of roses (even a single rose will do), a few pins, and hair brooches. That’s enough to bring out your elegance.

How to Maintain Your Hair Bun Style?

If you want to save your bun for a day long with the same charm and beauty, then you need some special care. Here’s how to maintain the bun look, some way outs-

  • You should use a hair-setting spray to secure your high or low bun. 
  • On the outside part of your bun, use a hair dryer or flat iron to have a smooth exterior impression. 
  • Try to pin at least a few hairpins to help your bangs and fringes don’t get loose that easily.
  • Before knotting your bun and starting tucking pins, make sure that you apply a hair serum beforehand. With that, you can have a hydrating hair look.

Have Your Favorite Hair Bun!

When you are excited about your intricate designed lehenga there’s a huge responsibility of professional hairstyling that you have to deal with. So, these 13 bun hairstyles for Lehenga are easy and quick for any grand event you are going to attend. Especially as a wedding bride, all you need is a few touch-ups to get such stylist-lookalike hair buns.

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