15 Black Lipstick Looks That Will Steal The Show

Are you already not tired of your regular rosy red lipsticks? If yes! What about experimenting with some of the bold black beauty ideas?

Black Lipstick Looks social ornament

The black lipstick looks have remained trendy since the ’90s but the sole concern has remained on how to flaunt your black beauty lips elegantly.

So, let’s not carry the black makeup looks as only a part of the Halloween costume and have a glance at our recommended 15 black lipstick looks.

1. Pairing the Opposites (Red with Black lip lining)

If we consider red as the epitome of beauty then traditionally black is a type cast as witchcraft. But it’s time to turn over the table by bringing the two bright lipstick shades in one frame.

red and Black Lipstick Looks social ornament

You can draw a pouty lip layout by using MAEPEOR black Matte Lipstick and Lip Liner set. The reason to choose black lip liner from MAEPOR is their velvety finishing and complete dark texture.

red and Black Lipstick Looks social ornament

For your inner lips, apply a radiant red matte lipstick which will give you an utterly beautiful transformation. We recommend using Sephora in wanted Rouge Matte Lipstick which you will get for $15.5 in online stores. This red matte lipstick consists of shea butter to receive you from dry lips.

2. Pale Blue Eyeshadow with Black lips

Here’s another makeup look with black lipstick without a Goth effect. You can use any pale blue eye shadow to finger it around the two corners of your eyes.

blue eyeshadow Black Lipstick Looks social ornament

The idea of creating such a look is not concealing the dark circles or contouring the near eye areas but to flaunt with it. Then naturally line your eyes using the Honey Bronze gel pencil of Etude House.

blue eyeshadow Black Lipstick Looks social ornament

When you run out of blue eyeshadow, buy Victoria Beckham Beauty Smoky eye palette ($56 + shipping) which creates a matte but silky overall impression.

3. Metallic eyes and dark lips.

Makeup looks with black lipstick can become far more interesting when you use your metallic eyeshadow palette. Near your eyelids, you can add a golden shimmery highlighter and pair it with big eyelashes.

metallic eyes Black Lipstick Looks social ornament

Eyeshadow product models like Goldfinger from Nars Single Eyeshadow are suited for all skin types and that’s why they come on our top list.

The Milani Bold Color Statement Matte Lipstick helps you with a chic appearance and comes as low as $7 per piece. You will feel a hydrated lip tone which goes for every season.

4. The black glossy business

If you love wearing sparkles, then it’s time to come out of matte dark formulas. Selecting a good gloss would add vibrancy.

glossy lip Black Lipstick Looks social ornament

Whatsoever, a nonsticky glossy shade with a black texture is not easy to get. Relax! We know how to make your extra black experience easy. The Haus Laboratory Le Rip Gloss Vortex Ed. provides you with mirrorless shiny lips.

Passionately wearing this as a part of black lipstick makeup looks will add self-confidence to your persona as the founder Lady GaGa has always mentioned.

5. Pair Black Lipstick with Pink Eye Shadow

Imagine how awesome you would create a makeup image after combining pink eyes with black lips. It’s like recreating one of the bold Harley Quin’s badass looks.

eye shadow Black Lipstick Looks social ornament

Besides that pairing, it with pink will also come under black lipstick without a goth makeup impression. For partying or girls’ night out you can anytime get ready with this pink yet black mode on!

Wanna transform the idea into a more dramatic outcome, try out Gucci’s luxurious Rouge à Lèvres Satin crystal black shade (approx. $40-$42 shipping charge included) Also, you can use this Gucci product for a soft look.

6. Comfy black matte

Sometimes all you need is to maintain the simplicity and implement the idea with a soft matte lip shade. But ensure that you don’t use any opaque shades which would neutralize the complete look.

comfy black matte Black Lipstick Looks social ornament

For getting a subtle but intense look use soft matte lipstick shades like Makeup Forever Super Lustrous The Luscious Mattes Lip color at $8 approx. The soft matte lip shades are well pigmented due to which two coats are more than enough.

7. Outlined black with nude shades

How much is too much if you doubt that, then always choose a mid path.

outlined black with nude shades Black Lipstick Looks social ornament

Many ’90s youths have simply outlined their lips with black lip liner and maintained a natural or nude shade as a whole. You can also think about creating an Ombré black lipstick sequence.

8. The ombre effect

For transforming to Ombre make-up effect here’s what you need: two nude lipstick shades with a black lip liner. Also, don’t miss using a lip brush.

ombre effect Black Lipstick Looks social ornament

We would suggest picking up Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk and Mrs. Kisses golden peach as a pair. Both come within a price range of $-32$35 including shipping. Lip Cheat lip liner from Charlotte Tilbury is quite efficient.

The next step is wearing the lightest shade at the center ( for us it is Pillow talk) and the darker shade next to the liner. Once done, blend them carefully using a brush so that your lips don’t look messed up.

9. Smooth empowered Black lipstick Look for Brown Skin

Unlike fair skin makeup trends, carrying black or dark brown lipstick for dark skin tone itself is a kind of boldness considering the stereotypical society we live in.

brown skin Black Lipstick Looks social ornament

But make-up enthusiast Melana Yvette knows how to fetch out the best from brown skin tone. She shared that the secret to flawless black lipstick looks on brown skin is first to smooth your uneven face using a powerful concealer and foundation.

brown skin Black Lipstick Looks social ornament

And then with a simple eyeshadow texture, you can coat any black lipstick. We recommend Kat Von D’s black lipstick available in between the price range of $22-$25 from Sephora. Such brands are ever-lasting and go perfectly for brown and Asian skin tones.

10. Precise Matte ambiance for beginners

The key to having a precise matte finishing is at first lining the tip of your lips using a brush. But often the dark matte lip shades tend to make your lip drier so, we know how to avoid such concerns.

precise matte Black Lipstick Looks social ornament

You can apply some kind of moisturizer to stay hydrated. Once you finely line your lips, now you are ready to add dark pigment to the rest of your lower and upper lips.

Beauticians recommend using a concealer or lip brushes to maintain the right proportion for both your lips. Ensure that your brushes are completely cleaned not by using a remover before applying the new shades.

11. Queen of matte

A complete matte transformation would convince any viewer that you are using such a related filter. What we mean is that it looks too surreal and dreamy to be true.

lipstick matte Black Lipstick Looks social ornament

But before applying super matte lipstick don’t forget to have a powdery face. Use About Face Night (from $20 on words )sight to have an extraordinary matte impression.

12. Luster charcoal lip finishing

We bet you can’t afford to miss this extravagant luster and charcoal black lip finishing view. There are some awesome lip glosses available in the market to help you with the black iridescent lip metamorphosis.

luster charcoal lip Black Lipstick Looks social ornament

Here’s what we would recommend :

  • Buy Patrick Ta Major Glow Lip Shine from  SEPHORA within the $20-$23 range. Why? because the product uses no sticky formula which suits everyone and cones with high shiny finishing. However, it can be costly as compared to others.
  • You can pick Charlotte Tilbury Collagen Lip Bath Gloss at $35. The following lip product is also there in the beauty e-stores like Blookingdal and Nordstrom. Ingredients like collagen are used to formulate the lip gloss. There are two concerns about lipstick: firstly they are sticky and also you may trickle while applying.
luster charcoal lip Black Lipstick Looks social ornament
  • Lastly, if you want something less pricey, the Maybelline New York Lip Lifter Gloss is a great deal for you. Purchase them from Amazon with great discounts. But the lipgloss is comparatively less lasting than other recommended lip head balms. 

13. The stripe aesthetics

When you master lip designing or filling art, then you can anytime design your masterpiece. But making stripe lip looks or any other particular design is only possible with a promising lip kit.

stripe aesthetics Black Lipstick Looks social ornament

Maybelline python metallic lip kit available at a lower price between $4-$6 is best suited for covering a subtle elegant appearance.  Every dark lip kit comes with two shades, one for the base and the other as a lip shadow.

stripe aesthetics Black Lipstick Looks social ornament
  • Apply a Maybelline python base at first which will evenly smoother your lips.
  • After you effectively get convinced that you have enough smoothened your lips use the lip shadow coating your lip base.
  • Once done you can make any design using the lip liner brush.

14. Smokey Eyes with Dark lips

Every time you feel you do not have enough black color we would then recommend the black eyeshadow with black lipstick look to you.

smokey eyes Black Lipstick Looks social ornament

Using a black eyeshadow you can create a smoky eye image and for lip apply the Rouge artist semi-matte or matte formula. Due to its extra pigmentation, you will get an intense beautifying makeup to get over in just one swipe.

smokey eyes Black Lipstick Looks social ornament

Available per unit at $23 the lipstick is more than enough in giving you an edgy black cover alongside moisturizing your arid lips.

15. Black Velvet

Lastly, we would love to share black velvet as one of the cozy winter makeup looks with dark lipstick. After using an appropriate foundation matching your skin type, the next step is to use your regular eyeliner.

black velvet Black Lipstick Looks social ornament

Create winged eyes with a soft matte black lipstick look. The budget-friendly Clove+ Hallow dark velvet fever shades are worth trying.

black velvet Black Lipstick Looks social ornament

These amazing shades are affordable within $15-$19 and are rich in vitamin E elements. Here’s a pro tip, apply a primer for enjoying back velvet lips for more than twelve hours.

What’s your favorite Black Beauty look?

When you are sick of regular lip shades, black lipstick shades can come as a new hope to you.

All these 15 black lipstick looks are tried and experimented with by bloggers, beauticians, and fashion enthusiasts who reviewed the looks with a big 5 star. So, what’s stopping you from being bold today? Let us know your favorite pick!


Q. How to wear Black Lipstick without looking goth?

Carrying black lipstick without any goth impression is super easy if you know the trick. Firstly, try out some vibrant pink or blue pale eyeshadows, and then add a velvety black lipstick finish.

Black Lipstick Looks social ornament

We recommend using Victoria Beckham beauty eye Platte to have blue smoky eyes. And lip shades from Charlotte Tilbury are praiseworthy.

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