10 Elegant Birthday Makeup Looks: Make Your Day Special 

Remember those childhood days when your parents used to dress and treat you like a princess on your birthday? They used to tell you that you are the most beautiful creature in this world!

birthday makeup looks

Are you feeling sad because those days of your special princess appearance are gone now and you are leaving far away from them in a hostel or your workplace?

Then, we assure you that you can still give yourself a birthday amazement by imparting a super-gorgeous look on your face. And, we are there to ensure that.

birthday makeup looks

So, for your coming birthday, we have brought for you a box of surprises. And, they are 10 easy-to-do yet elegant birthday makeup looks that are bound to make your day special. Wanna try them?

1. Go Green:

Hey! After all, it’s your big day! So, why not go somewhat colorful with your makeup? It’s simple! Hide the blemishes on your face with a concealer that matches your skin tone and then apply a liquid foundation to it.

birthday makeup looks

Now, just paint green over your eyes in the shape of leaves and accentuate them with some sparkling glitters.

Contrast this light green leafy shade of your eyes with a medium pink-colored lipstick and you’re prepared for splashing colors on everyone at the party.

birthday makeup looks

We bet, everyone present at your birthday party will raise compliments to your amazing look and make you feel special.

So, why not test drive this incredible birthday make up look by keeping aside the other birthday makeup looks once? Just grab this fashion-forward happy birthday makeup idea and steal the show!

2. Ultra-Fine Rosy Look:

Enough of the splash of color! Now, let’s go for some wash of color. Today, it’s your birthday and we have to make you feel extraordinary!

birthday makeup looks

So, we advise you to imitate this ultra-fine rosy appearance for that extraordinary feel! How to do this make up for birthday party? Well! It’s extraordinarily simple.

Dab a light pink or coral eyeshadow on your eyes and glide it across the eyelids and lash line. Now, smoke it out. Wow! You have gotta smoky hot appearance!

birthday makeup looks

Keep it minimal with a matching pink or coral-colored semi-glossy or matte lip gloss on your lips. Don’t forget to highlight your cheekbones lightly with a highlighter for getting a luminous and realistically flickering appearance on your face.

Do this straightforward yet elegant makeup ( that competes with all other birthday makeup looks ) at your birthday party and see the difference. You will sense that the spotlight is always on you. 

3. Let Your Lips Say It All:

Can’t wait to get some more makeup birthday party ideas? Well! Do you know, minimal makeup and blood-red colored lipstick go hand in hand?

birthday makeup looks

So, greet your guests or capture your special moments with glossy red lipstick on your lips and the day will become more pleasantly unusual for you.

Paint your face with a highlighter of your skin tone and use a light baby pink eyeshadow over the eyes. And, now comes the turn of the lip color. Go bold in its case and show everyone the power inside you.

This subtle yet sophisticated makeup look that stands out from all other birthday makeup looks, can be done in no time and will reborn your inner confidence. Now, nothing can quell you from bringing out the boss in you.

4. Dewy Babe Look:

Kids have dewy and glowing skin and we always efforts for getting such skin in our adulthood without success. But, now it’s possible to get that dewy babe skin appearance for your birthday makeup looks with our advice.

birthday makeup looks

Just throw in some dewy foundation on your face after you have done with your prep and prime part. Now, rub it smoothly using a moist makeup sponge.

The foundation will impart your skin a misty matte happy birthday makeup look. As for your eyebrows, just replenish the gaps with light strokes of eyebrow pencil and keep the remaining things normal.

birthday makeup looks

Further, for your make up for birthday party eve, draw black-colored wings on your eyes with the help of eyeliner. Now, comes the question, what to do with the lips?

Nothing much! Just put on a clear lip gloss on your lips or you can also choose to apply over them a gloss with some inklings of shimmer. Whichever way you choose to do it, your lips will look naturally glossy and lovely.

birthday makeup looks

Last but not the least, highlight your cheekbones with the same light pink shade of blush that you have used for your shading of lips to match the look.

5. Dramatic Smokey Eyes Look:

Wanna get some birthday eyeshadow looks? Yes, it’s true that eyes tell us many things.

birthday makeup looks

And, so why not accentuate your eyes with a special smoky look on your origin-day party and bring that dramatic look to your face! After all, it’s worth it when it is applied to the skin of a birthday girl like you.

And, also, this is the perfect time to pull off this sultry makeup appearance. It will give you such a Diva look that no one would have guessed about!

birthday makeup looks

The only thing that you have to make sure about is that your eyeshadows are either of lighter or medium-dark tones or a combination of both. Don’t go for the too-dark ones. Listen to our additional makeup birthday party ideas for this look.

Make a thick application of eyeliner on your eyes in the shape of wings. Add some glitter over your eye makeup to make it more attractive.

birthday makeup looks

Also, make your face and lips give a light pinky glow by using moist foundation over your face and lip gloss over your lips. So, be prepared on the evening of your birthday to steal everyone’s heart with this spectacular look.

In fact, we suggest, try varied and unique smoky birthday makeup looks on each of your birthdays and be an exemplar for every lady out there.

6. Trendy Brunch Appearance:

Who said lipgloss and eyeshadows have to be always matchy? There are several birthday makeup looks that go unmatching and still are elegant.

birthday makeup looks

So, this time intentionally unmatch your eyeshadow with your lip gloss and let them define their own unique colors. Make the birthday eyeshadow looks impressive by choosing lighter and neat shades.

We suggest you to choose a light sky blue eyeshadow along with a medium pink lip gloss for your eyes and lips respectively.

birthday makeup looks

Also, keep your hair open and center-parted to get that happy birthday makeup brunch look. Paint your eyebrows black but don’t overdo it. And, do we need to mention about the compact powder and the highlighter?

We think we don’t as these are common and eventual makeup kits for everybody and we hope, you too will try them, regardless of whether we say or not.

So, stun everyone there out at the party with your impressive get-up and make-up and be a symbol of fashion whom everyone would love to follow.

7. Monochromatic Appearance:

Are you short of time for preparing your birthday makeup looks or your makeup bag has tinier space to hold the kits? Then here’s another surprisingly easy make up for birthday party for you.

birthday makeup looks

It’s nothing but a monochromatic makeup look which means applying the same tone of makeup across one’s eyes, lips, and cheeks, that is in this case, the birthday eyeshadow looks perfectly matches in color with the lips and cheeks makeup looks.

Look at this lady wearing a pinky-orange shade of lip gloss, eyeshadow, and blusher. Isn’t she looking damn sexy? At least, we think so!

So, wouldn’t you like to be a sexy doll like her who will be praised the whole evening for her beauty and charm? Then, slip into her makeup style, burn everyone with your warmth and be the desirable lady of the town!

8. Colourful Cat Eye Look:

Loving the makeup birthday party ideas that we are sharing with you? Then, here’s another one for you. See this cat eye outlined with violet and pink!

birthday makeup looks

Isn’t the happy birthday makeup looking captivating? This look proves that simple makeup is not always boring! How to do this make up for birthday party?

Just border your eyes with a black pencil liner in the form of a cat eye and put violet and pink bordered strokes in the below portion of your eyes.

birthday makeup looks

Go for a light pink lip color to apply to your lips. Wanna know everything in detail? Follow the tutorial. And, your remarkable look for the evening party will be ready within minutes.

You will look competent to set an example for a great style statement that never fades away.

9. Nude Lips Make Up Look:

Sometimes keeping our lips natural and baby-like is what we need to look graceful. In such cases, deeply highlighted dark birthday eyeshadow looks don’t matter much.

birthday makeup looks

On the contrary, choosing the lighter shades flawlessly goes with the unclad lips look. Nude lips are classic and that too not without a reason! They have the power to impart beauty to any kind of look without dabbing too much makeup on one’s lips.

birthday makeup looks

And, choosing a nude-colored lip gloss that’s 2 shades lighter as compared to your skin tone will always make you look exquisite like a barbie doll. Don’t forget to blend the liner and the lip gloss using a soft shadow smudge brush to get that seamless look.

And, you are superbly presentable for that ball dance at your birthday party which you have dreamed of with your Prince Charming.

10. Brown Lens Eyes Look:

Wanna get slightly tricky with makeup? Then, make your face, eye and lips makeup nude and impart a pair of light brown lenses on your eyes.

birthday makeup looks

This go-to lens will keep you apparently simple and still subtly change your overall appearance in style. You may also go for the deeper brown shades of lens for your eyes but in that case, wearing dark neutral makeup will complement more.

The brown lens eyes look will give you a modern, stylish, trendy, and elegant guise and bring out your great sense of fashion in front of others.

Wrapping Up:

So, Hey Gals! Have you decided, which makeover you want to don for your big-day party?

birthday makeup looks

If not, then scroll through the makeup birthday party ideas that we have listed so far once more and decide now. After all, your birth date is not so far, isn’t it? So choose the one that suits you the best and go for it.

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