15 Trending Birthday Hairstyles In 2023 That Will Wow Everyone

Are you planning to celebrate this birthday of yours in style but confused about how to tie your hair on your birthday? 

Birthday Hairstyles

Hakuna Matata! We have brought for you 15 birthday hairstyles that are in vogue in 2023 and will make you look young and attractive. Wanna know about them? Here we go:

1. Double Fishtail Crown Braid:

It’s one of the birthday braids hairstyles that is perfect for giving you a charming look on your birthday. This beautiful hairstyle will add a pinch of eccentricity as well as a laid-back boho spirit to your appearance.

Birthday Hairstyles double fishtail crown braid

For getting this hairstyle got up, split up your hair into 2 sections and again split one of those sections into 2 strands.

Now, create a flawless fishtail braid with it and repeat the same for the other section of the hair as well.

After you have done with the fish tails, wrap one of the two pigtails on your head and the other one underneath your head. Secure them with hairspray and your Fishtail Crown Braid is ready.

2. Classic Half-Braided Neatly Pinned Hairdo:

Want a classic choice of hairstyle for this special day? Then, count classic half-braided neatly pinned hairdo in. This one of the pretty and sweet birthday hairstyles will give you a feminine charm for sure.

Birthday Hairstyles classic half braided neatly pinned hairdo

It has also become a popular and fashionable hairstyle nowadays for those who are partygoers or are the main attraction of the party.  Just braid up some parts of your hair and leave the remaining parts loose. Congrats, you’re done!

3. Modern-Styled Half Messy Bun:

Have a love for contemporary bun hairstyles? Then, you may like this absolutely gorgeous as well as trending long hair hairstyle that is considered among various cute hairstyles for birthday.

Birthday Hairstyles top knot

Simply tie up a bun in a hurried way over your head with some parts of your hair and leave the remaining parts of your hair loose and hanging! What’s more? Your birthday hairstyle is ready!

4. Voluminous Ponytail:

Searching for some ponytail-type birthday hairstyles that will impart you a voluminous hairdo look? No, it’s not a traditional ponytail-type hairstyle.

Birthday Hairstyles voluminous ponytail

It’s not any boring hairstyle either. It’s an extension of the classical ponytail hairdo. With this hairstyle, your hair will look very thick. 

Just a few efforts more than the traditional ponytail and your hair is set with a glossy high-fashion type look. And, believe us, your efforts for this hairdo will be absolutely worthy.

5. Sleek Bob Hairdo With Balayage Hair:

Are you a teenager and have a weakness for bob haircuts? Do you love to experiment with your hair and bestow it with new looks?

Then, try this ultra-modern-day look once by adopting the balayage hair hairstyle of sleek bob and believe us, it will never fail to amaze people at the party.

Birthday Hairstyles bob hairdo

This hairdo is an extremely gorgeous one and can be listed as one of the jaw-dropping birthday hairstyles. It will impart a modern look on you and make you appear totally different from others present at the party.

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6. Braided Bun:

Wish to highlight your feminine side through your hairstyle? Then, a braided bun hairstyle will do your job in the most ideal way.

Birthday Hairstyles braided bun

Adopt this hairstyle look and show the gorgeous lady within you to the world. It’s a hairstyle that will serve all the trends and popularity surrounding you.

So, choose this birthday braids hairstyle and bring a dramatic look to your face in front of everyone.

7. Side-Knotted Ponytail:

Wanna go for a gorgeous yet simple hairstyle? Then, how about tieing a side-knotted ponytail? This hairstyle among other birthday hairstyles is a go-to one for any birth anniversary party or other celebrations and parties.

Birthday Hairstyles side knotted ponytail

It will give you a bold, lovely and solid look at the same time. Just go through the picture of this hairdo once…isn’t it stunning?

8. Half Down Half Braided Hairstyle:

This Braided Hairstyle…is it a good idea for a Gorgeous beauty’s birthday party? What do you think? Well! It’s definitely a promising one according to us.

Birthday Hairstyles half down half braided

At least, this braided hairstyle from various birthday hairstyles braids will make you appear sharp and Stunning.

Use your biological hair or a false extension…no issue! People’s love for this hairstyle of yours will never become less. Why? The reason is your bold and glamorous look.

9. Bombshell Curls:

Are you a fan of Marilyn Monroe? Then, it’s time to show everyone that. And, what’s the best place to exhibit it other than your birthday party?

Birthday Hairstyles bombshell curls

Go for a bombshell-styled Marilyn Monroe-type curled hairstyle, perfect for any modern party, and rule the party with your magnificence. This hairstyle among other modern birthday hairstyles is an impressive one.

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Worrying, if the look is too hard to get? Not at all! Bring hot rollers, a few curl-enhancing styling items, and a luster-locking serum to play and your job will be done very easily without any hassle.

10. Messy Up-Do:

Wanna get a look that’s not too formal but a little bit flamboyant? Then, a messy up-do hairstyle of your ideal suit for the day.

Birthday Hairstyles messy up-do

Employ a curling iron for generating loose waves and huddle and secure your hair on the backside using pins. Don’t try too hard to manipulate them.

Ensure that somebody is created on the front side of your head and flee a few pieces of hair out to fringe your face in soft curls. So, what do you think? Isn’t this messy up-do hairstyle (one of the cute birthday hairstyles), worth a try? 

11. Cascading Waterfall Side Braid:

Want to know about some other types of birthday braids? Okay, let’s talk about the Cascading Waterfall side braid. Are you sporting short tresses and still want to get a sublime party-ready look?

Birthday Hairstyles cascading waterfall side braid

Then, try the waterfall side braid by capturing your locks sideways to your head instead of the top. With your ultra-polished locks and completely smoothly styled hair, you will look no less than a model.

Everything’s done? Give a finishing to the hairstyle by using a finishing oil. This oil will exhibit the shine/tame frizz at the special event.

Waterfall Side Braid hairdo is one of the black birthday hairstyle braids that can also be used by fair-looking people.

With this hairstyle, you can not only glam yourself on your birthday but also on other occasions like summer wedding receptions, office holiday parties, or friends’ bachelor’s parties.

12. Let-It-loose Straight And Simple Hairstyle:

Wanna attract everyone with your simple look in a simple way? Then, get inspired by Sandra Bullock and let your hair stay loose, straight, and flaunting.

Birthday Hairstyles straight and simple

Combine this hairstyle, which falls on the list of polished birthday hairstyles, with a royal-type gown and your hairstyle will look super elegant. It’s also super easy to do. This hairstyle will go with women of any age group.

13. Boho Braids Hairstyle:

Birthday party and hairstyle without braided look…can that be possible? Whenever it’s a birthday party, the first thing that comes to our mind is tieing up a braid.

Birthday Hairstyles boho braids hairstyle

So, in case you are thinking, which braids hairstyle will go best with your birthday party look, we suggest doing Boho braids. These braids enhance the beauty of black women and make them look super fashionable.

These black birthday hairstyles braids will yank everyone’s attention towards you and you will be in the limelight.

14. French Plus Fishtail Braid:

Wanna keep it simple but enhance your glam quotient simultaneously? Then, the French plus fishtail braid, one of the cute hairstyles for birthday party, is ready to give you a simple yet classy appearance.

Birthday Hairstyles french plus fishtail braid

This classic French braid hairdo will go perfectly with some hair accessories and make you look stunning. It’s one of the cute birthday hairstyles that will impart you a princess-like look. 

You can also add some mogra flowers’ strings to your hair for enhancing its classical look. 

15. Vintage Hollywood Waves:

Curls and waves sometimes make a great difference. And, vintage Hollywood waves hairdo, among all cute hairstyles for birthday parties, will show everyone the magic of curls and waves, once you settle your hair in that way.

Birthday Hairstyles vintage hollywood waves

You can also elevate the look of these cute birthday hairstyles using some bobby pins with studded huge pearls on them.

Although vintage Hollywood waves is a simple DIY type hairstyle for girls, it’s time-consuming and requires a helper, who can do it for you. You can follow a tutorial to learn the process of setting up this hairstyle better. 

Wrapping Up:

So, which of the above birthday hairstyles have touched your heart? Which hairstyle among them have you decided to tie up at your birthday party?

Birthday Hairstyles

Whichever it may be, just carry it with style and you will be the one who will steal everyone’s attention at the birthday hall.

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