The 13 Best Shapewear For Fupa: Review

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Hey! Is your fat upper pubic area (FUPA) spoiling your sensuous bodycon look and making you feel ashamed in front of others? Are you tired of concealing your belly fat by wearing different types of oversized clothing? Then, it’s time to change your clothing sense and embrace the best shapewear for FUPA that will instantly change your life!

Yes, you’re hearing it right! Such belly fat and bump-tucking shapewear do exist. They are also excellent for hiding the curves surrounding your hip or pubic areas. Just wear the best shapewear for FUPA before donning your favorite body shape highlighting dress and you are good to go for your romantic date!

best shapewear for fupa

Wondering, how to know which is the best shapewear for love handles? No worry! We have presented 13 of the best shapewear for FUPA here so that you can flaunt your super-tempting figure in a sexy way without any undesirable worries. Also, we have guided you with some tactics that will help you to choose your perfect FUPA-hiding shapewear. Dying to know about them in detail? Well! Let’s proceed without wasting any time.

The 13 Best Shapewear For Love Handles:

1. SHAPELLX Fajas Colombianas FUPA:

Looking for a highly elastic shapewear that’s multifunctional, and helpful in postpartum recovery after childbirth, and is the FUPA best shapewear for lower belly pooch? Then, look no more!

SHAPELLX Fajas Colombianas FUPA

Being the best shapewear for FUPA, this seamless bodysuit for hip lifting and tummy control is perfect for showing off your curves without feeling embarrassed. It is what you deserve as a woman!


  • Flaunt your curves in an attractive way over every piece of clothing
  • Smoothen your post-childbirth abdominal looseness
  • Comes with a moderate compression towards the belly to make your abdomen look flat
  • The shoulder strap doesn’t get slipped and can be adjusted as well as separated
  • Made of soft breathable materials (nylon and spandex) that are highly elastic and comfortable
  • Available in various sizes
  • Perfect fit with respect to size
  • Gives great support to your stomach and good shapes to your body parts


  • The shapewear ran one size large for some customers

2. M And D Store Fajas Colombianas FUPA Shapewear:

Feeling frustrated for your tummy and back fat and hoping that surgery for fat removal is the only resort to eliminate this problem? Hey! You’re wrong! No need for any fat-elimination surgery! You can keep your FUPA areas a secret in front of others by donning this best shapewear for tummy and back fat!

M And D Store Fajas Colombianas FUPA Shapewear


  • Also suitable for post-surgery tummy compression
  • The high-quality fabrics give your skin a soft and fresh feeling
  • The design is quite convenient with a two-level closure system, flexible shoulder straps, and complete back coverage
  • Stimulates your blood circulation
  • Helps your post-child birth stitches and wounds to recover speedily
  • Saves you from the chances of infections after childbirth or getting scarred
  • Never allow any liquid to retain within your FUPA areas or get swelled or bruised.


  • Everyone may not afford the product because of it’s expensiveness
  • The size of the product may vary.

3. FeelinGirl Women’s High-Waisted Body Shaper For Flat Belly:

A slim and trim look is very much in vogue now and carrying a fat belly in front of others only enhances the chance to criticize your looks. Also, there are chance that you get rejected by your crush just because of your fattiness.

FeelinGirl Women’s High-Waisted Body Shaper For Flat Belly

So, what’s the solution? Of course, FeelinGirl body shaper! It’s the best shapewear for love handles that never give you a single chance to complain.


  • It’s the FUPA best shapewear for lower belly pooch that gives you a natural butt lift
  • Comes at a relatively cheaper price
  • Available in different colors and sizes
  • It makes your thighs look slim and tummy look flat
  • The hooks come in 3 rows and are adjustable
  • The fabric (nylon + spandex) material is sturdy
  • It can be stretched in four ways and never rolls down
  • Non-transparent shapewear
  • Highly elastic and comfortable
  • Comes with pockets 


  • No negative feedback from customers till date

4. REYEOGO Body Sculpting Hot-Look Giving Shapewear:  

Do you avoid wearing FUPA best shapewear for lower belly pooch just because your skin is sensitive to certain fabrics and is allergy-prone?

REYEOGO Body Sculpting Hot-Look Giving Shapewear

Then, avoid the best waist trainer for FUPA no more because REYEOGO has brought for you it’s super hot body sculpting breathable corset shapewear that’s super light in weight, superior in quality, and skin-friendly. You can wear it at any season without any fear of allergy.  


  • Supports your back and abdomen with its cross-compression shaping feature
  • Provides you with a trim look by improving your posture
  • Always keep your breasts pushed upwards 
  • The corset is pliant, breathable and relaxing
  • Suits all skin types
  • Slims your thighs and naturally lifts your buttocks
  • Makes you look sexy by accentuating your good curves 
  • The product is super-affordable
  • True to size


  • No negative feedback from customers till date

5. Dazzle Fairy Seamless Bodysuit FUPA Shapewear For Ladies:

Dreaming of getting an hourglass figure at least on your soon-to-come big day? Well! Make your dream come true by grabbing a piece of the best waist trainer for FUPA and make everyone spellbound with your look.

Available in almost all sizes, this best shapewear for FUPA is all set to make your special day even more special.


  • The shapewear is super-affordable to buy
  • Comes with a wireless design that’s super cool and comfortable
  • The bra is not compressible and is perfect for all cups 
  • Convenient for peeing as the crotch design is of hook plus eye closure type
  • You will enjoy your bust push-up with it
  • The straps comprise adjustment facilities
  • Comes in an ergonomic design
  • Gives support to your various body parts like buttocks, thighs, etc.  
  • Makes your tummy look smooth and flat


  • Runs one size large

6. CYDREAM Tummy Tucking Bodysuit Shapewear For Ladies:

Love to wear one-piece type bodysuits but can’t do it because of your FUPA visibility before others? Hakuna Matata! Nothing is impossible in this world! You can definitely enjoy wearing a one-piece without getting unwanted comments about your body fat!

CYDREAM Tummy Tucking Bodysuit Shapewear For Ladies

This CYDREAM tummy tucking bodysuit shapewear will make it possible for you. This FUPA best shapewear for lower belly pooch knows the magic to transform your fatty odd-shaped body into a sexy-figured body within seconds.


  • Best waist trainer for FUPA to get post-surgery recovery
  • Comes with three-row hooks and eyes for adjustment and closure
  • Made of double-layered elastic material to flatten your belly and tighten the unwanted fatty areas
  • Gives you a naturally sexy figure
  • The fabric is elastic, smooth, non-allergic, ultra-soft and breathable
  • It wicks moisture from your body and keeps you sweat-free
  • The long sleeves of the shapewear compress your arms, thus reducing their fats
  • The shapewear comes without any wire
  • It smoothens your back and lifts your butt
  • Comes with a built-in bra
  • It is comforting to wear even when you work for a long duration
  • The price is reasonable
  • Comes with a convenient crotch
  • Good for daily wear


  • It comprises a large number of hooks that may be uncomfortable for some customers

7. Sonryse Fajas Colombianas Body-Fit Shapewear:

The journey from pregnancy to motherhood is a quite tough expedition and a woman’s post-C-section life after that is also not easy either. She has to carry a lot of stretch marks on her belly along with the stitch marks and the fats on her body.

Sonryse Fajas Colombianas Body-Fit Shapewear

But, trust us, it’s always possible to conceal those fatty areas and look beautiful again like before! Yes, just don this piece of the best waist trainer for FUPA and you’re done.


  • Best shapewear for tummy and back fat
  • Ideal for daily usage
  • The powernet fabric suits all types of skin
  • You can remain sweat-free with this shapewear for the entire day
  • Comes with wide shoulder-comforting straps and hooks
  • Can be opened in the gusset for effortless peeing
  • The panty is outlined with lace hems
  • Comes with silicon lace bands
  • The fabric is elastic
  • The compression of the shapewear gives your back pain relief


  • A few customers are discontented with the product’s fittings and comfort

8. Sonryse Postparto Cesarea Woman’s:

Can’t feel confident with your super-tempting figure and stunning look as FUPA is destroying it all after your maternity? Use the best shapewear for tummy and back fat and you will start feeling confident again with your beauty!

Sonryse Postparto Cesarea Woman’s

The best waist trainer for FUPA, like this body-hugging wear, will conceal all of your fatty areas safely and make you feel fresh and livable all day long.


  • It reduces your girdles and shapes your tummy after you give birth to your baby
  • The fabric material is easily breathable and keeps your skin rash-free
  • The high elasticity of the clothing makes it effortless to wear and un-wear
  • It accentuates your curves
  • Perfect fit with mid-back coverage
  • The straps are adjustable
  • Superior quality
  • Superb hook panels


  • It’s a bit pricey and may not be affordable for everyone
  • A few buyers are dissatisfied with the compression and fit

9. SHAPERMINT Tummy Control Panty Cum FUPA Shapewear:

Looking for a budget-friendly shapewear for FUPA that will not burn your pocket and still work great by suppressing your body fats? Then, count this best shapewear for tummy and back fat in. Shapermint’s high-waisted shaper undergarment comes with a silicon strip and prevents the panty from rolling down your body.

SHAPERMINT Tummy Control Panty Cum FUPA Shapewear

Being the best waist trainer for FUPA, will impart you the extra confidence that every superwoman like you deserves.


  • Wicks your sweat or moisture
  • Comes with a slip-resistant silicon strip
  • The fabric material is very smooth and of high-quality
  • It will never give you discomfort
  • The compression is good
  • The price is super-affordable
  • Available in different colors and sizes
  • Long-lasting
  • Tummy tucking
  • Effortless slip-on and off
  • Easily washable in a machine


  • Some consumers have complained about the shapewear’s stability, price, and fitting
  • The actual product’s color may vary

10. Miss Moly Tummy-Holding Bodysuit:

Who doesn’t want to get the best shapewear for FUPA at a cheap price? Literally, everyone yearn for it! But, when we see any shapewear getting sold at a cheaper price, we start forming doubts in our mind about whether the shapewear is really good or it’s a waste of money.

Miss Moly Tummy-Holding Bodysuit

What if we say that this tummy-holding bodysuit shapewear for ladies is the one you’ve been in search of for so long? Yes, it’s cheap in price and yet recommended by fashion experts for its high effectiveness in concealing FUPA.


  • The fabric is super stretchy for hugging the fatty places of your body in a sexy way
  • Bustless undergarment  
  • Never make your breasts look sagged as it supports them and pushes them upwards
  • Lifts your butts
  • The nylon and spandex make the undergarment soft and breathable and have a high elasticity
  • Light in weight
  • This best shapewear for love handles also suits plus-size women’s figures
  • The shapewear is a seamless one and perfect for daily job
  • Perfect for every occasion.


  • The top straps are somewhat thick
  • The size may run small

11. Best Shapewear For FUPA That Lifts Butts:  

Wanna flaunt the flawlessly sculpted curves of your body? The Lover Beauty Shapewear’s unique three-dimensional stereo-cut plus mesh design is all set to do it with full force!

Best Shapewear For FUPA That Lifts Butts

Yes, with this FUPA conceal-wear, your body will get targeted tightening, thus accentuating its fuller and rounder curves in the process.


  • Controls your tummy, gives your thighs proper shapes, and lifts your butts
  • The material is breathable and comfy, thus allowing your skin to breathe fully
  • The moderate compression that this undergarment gives you in the midsection makes your belly look flat and smooth
  • The fabric material (lycra) is luxurious and soft
  • Fits every occasion
  • True to size


  • No negative feedback till now

12. Werena Seamless Thong Shapewear For FUPA:

When it’s about your first romantic date, appearance matters. Wanna go for an undergarment that gives your body a secure feeling throughout the day? Then, purchasing this best waist trainer for FUPA will be the best decision of your life!

Best Shapewear For FUPA That Lifts Butts

Try it under your favorite dress and your beautiful figure and confident look will attract your lover’s attention to the fullest.


  • It’s cheap and affordable for nearly everyone
  • Comes in different sizes
  • No need to do machine wash it every time it gets dirty; handwashing is enough
  • The fabric is super-smooth and flexible
  • Remains hidden under all types of dresses
  • Made of cozy and breathable material
  • The waistband comprises an anti-slip design that prevents it from slipping down
  • Emphasizes all curves greatly and conceals the FUPA regions


  • No customer complained till now

13. ShaperQueen Waist Cincher Inner Garment For FUPA:

Still, looking for the best waist trainer for FUPA that also shapes your girdles and tummy? Well! This firm tummy control undergarment is there to give you a perfect-looking feminine silhouette by supporting your waist, tummy, girdles, and other fatty regions at the same time.

ShaperQueen Waist Cincher Inner Garment For FUPA

Made of high-quality material, its plush and super-breathable fabric will make it easier for you to carry it all day long.


  • Its crotch comprises a hooks adjustment system for easy peeing
  • Light in weight
  • Anti-slip technology
  • Compression at the midsection and back for proper support
  • Controls your belly firmly
  • You can alter it’s tightness surrounding your waist according to your convenience
  • Improves your posture


  • Some customers showed dissatisfaction regarding its size and fitness.

How to Choose the Right Shapewear:

Choosing the right and best waist trainer for FUPA is not easy if you don’t understand your own body’s individual needs and preferences. Also, certain factors like size, style, comfort, etc must be considered before proceeding to buy any FUPA shapewear.

1. Body Type –

Before buying the FUPA best shapewear for lower belly pooch, you first need to know your body type and most importantly, about the fatty areas of your body that you want to keep in shape. Try to understand if your body is of apple shape or any other shape like inverted triangle shape, pear shape, hourglass shape, rectangular shape, etc.

Body Type

Also, detect the curves of your body that need to be sculpted before wearing a body-hugging dress. It will help you to identify the shapewear that will suit you best. The best type of figure that every woman craves to attain is an hourglass one and the best shapewear for tummy and back fat that helps you acquire that figure is a corset and a bodysuit. You can also wear them daily to get rid of your FUPA temporarily without giving much effort.

2. Material Of The Shapewear –

Whenever you proceed to purchase the best shapewear for love handles for your body, never compromise the softness and breathability of the fabric. The comfort-giving quality of the material is something really necessary for a shapewear and you must always double-check it before buying one for you. Either choose cotton-blended fabric for your body that is skin-friendly and moisture-absorbing or go for the best waist trainer for FUPA which is made of nylon or spandex. 

3. Type Of The Shapewear-

The choice of every woman can never be the same. Some prefer bodysuits or tights for them while others go for corset shapewear or open-bust shapewear. Still others prefer to wear shorts and high-waisted panties.

The type of FUPA-hiding shapewear you choose must be based on your pragmatic thinking. Always choose the best waist trainer for FUPA that fulfills your necessities instead of only giving you a stylish look. The open-bust shapewear is the most sought-after shapewear for FUPA as it, in addition to giving you comfort, also gives you a perfect fit with any bra you choose. 

4. The Shapewear’s Size –

When it comes to choosing the best shapewear for lower belly pooch, neither too tight nor too loose shapewear works. Only perfect shapewear that fits your body without imparting any discomfort is ideal for FUPA. Some shapewear though looks small in size is not so as they can be stretched with the help of their waistband.

The Shapewear’s Size

Also, some fabrics are stretchable and get enlarged when stretched. So, for picking up a perfect shapewear that is also the best shapewear for tummy and back fat, ensure that it is as per your body measurement and doesn’t run larger or smaller than your actual body size. 

5. Compression Level Of The Shapewear And Its Crotch Type –

Women always want to flaunt their sexy figures and a shapewear with medium level of compression is suitable for hugging their curves and tucking in their undesirable bulges. Butt lifters are also good to go for women with fUPA. As for the crotch type, you can go for open crotch shapewear with adjustable hook closures. They are the best waist trainer for FUPA that will give you the convenience of safe and effortless peeing.

6. Customer Reviews –

Last but not least, customer review is a factor that must never be underestimated. It’s always wise to check the reviews of various customers before proceeding to pay for a shapewear. By doing so you will come to know about all the advantages and the disadvantages of buying the shapewear and also if it is truly the best shapewear for FUPA or not.

Wrapping Up:

So, have you decided which of the above best shapewear for FUPA are you going to buy? Do make us aware of your decision so that we can understand your choice better and present more such lucrative products before you! Thank you.


1. How does shapewear help with a FUPA?

Shapewear that is designed for FUPA tuck in the fatty regions and unwanted curves of your body, especially those that are found surrounding your hips or other pubic areas, and highlight your figure in a sensuous way. They are usually lightweight and breathable.

2. Can I wear shapewear all day?

Yes, you can wear your shapewear all day long to make your figure look attractive. However, medical experts say that it is not healthy to do so. This is because doing so imparts extreme pressure upon your body organs including your spine and it comes in the way of healthy blood circulation.

As the blood circulation gets restricted, your overall body functions and system get imbalanced. So, wearing your shapewear throughout the day is not good to do regularly. Though occasionally, it’s okay up to some extent.

3. How do I care for and clean my shapewear properly?

This is how you should care for and tidy up your shapewear-

1. Always keep your shapewear within a wash bag made of nets. It will save your undergarments from getting mixed and tangled with your other wear. 

2. Do wash your shapewear with mild chemical-free and bleach-free detergents.

3. Wash them using cool water otherwise, they will get shrinked.

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