The 12 Best Running Shoes for Bunions: Top Pick’s

Bunions refers to the swelling or pain caused by wearing a type of shoe that compresses the big toe. So, shoes that don’t put much pressure on toes or feet is the best running shoes for bunions. Also, there are a wide variety of comfortable shoes available with padding that reduces pain and severe issues of bunions. 

extra wide womens shoes for bunions

Moreover, there are varieties of comfortable shoes available in the market that eliminate pressure on the big toe. You can learn about those comfortable shoes through this article. Hence, there are some factors to consider before choosing the best running shoes for bunions. 

Right Way to Choose Running Shoes for Bunions:

Such key considerations to look, at while buying comfortable and best shoes for bunions and hammer toes are as follows,

1. Cushioning and support – Always look for orthotic shoes that are specially designed for improving foot posture while walking and running. These orthotic shoes help to provide support to the feet and are proven to be the best shoes for bunions and hammer toes.

extra wide womens shoes for bunions

Besides, it has cushioning and arch support insoles that heal bunion formation. Also, arch support helps to put less pressure on bunions.

2. Toe box width – The toe box is the front part of the shoes where you keep your toes under it. So, the width of the toe box helps the toes and feet to remain comfortable for longer running or walking time. Thus, it is an important factor to look at it for bunions and to prevent friction.

Hence, this toe box width factor is also something to consider before buying the best shoes for running. That is also a wide fitting shoes for bunions. 

3. Flexibility – Overall the wide toe box, cushioning sole and arch support shoes help the feet to avoid joint pain. Thus, it is necessary to wear comfortable, flexible, and the best shoes for bunions and hammer toes. As a result, it helps to prevent added strain on the bunion area.

4. Stability – Always look for low-heel or no-heel shoes to provide better support to the feet. Because it helps the feet to put less pressure on bunions and provide more stability. So, it is better to choose shoes that offer more stability to prevent overpronation. Because this over-pronation can worsen the bunion pain.

best shoes for bunions and hammer toes

Hence, these are the factors to consider before buying the best running shoes for bunions. 

Also, there is a wide variety of best shoes for bunions and hammer toes available in the market. So, from the below links, you can learn about the best running shoes for bunions that are as follows,

Step Comfortably: The 12 Best Running Shoes for Bunions:

1. Brooks Women’s Ghost 14 Neutral Running Shoe

 If you are feeling that your feet are swelling or causing bunions or getting worse bunion pain. Then, you can look for this Brooks men’s ghost 14 neutral running shoes. Definitely, this will make you feel relief from worsening bunion pain while walking or running.

best shoes for bunions and hammer toes

Because it has soft cushioning, underfoot comfort, and perfect arch support insoles. Along with it, this has a good soft midsole pad that results in smoother transitions for easy walking and running. Thus, it is the best shoes for bunions and hammer toes that help the feet from landing to toe-off.


  • Comfortable and improved fit
  • Lightweight
  • Rubber support and machine washable
  • Little bit costly

2. Adidas Originals Women’s NMD_R1 Sneaker

The Adidas Originals Women’s NMD_R1 Sneaker is perfect and available with extra wide womens shoes for bunions. Definitely, it is a great choice for bunion feet and hammer toes. Not only it is comfortable but also helps to prevent friction.

best shoes for bunions and hammer toes

As well as it is the Women’s iconic shoes whose soles are made up of rubber. Besides this, the rubber sole and outer material of rubber also helps the women to catch grip on surface. Thus, this helps the women to give them more power to move their feet to walk and run. 


  • Slip-resistant due to rubber sole and outer surface
  • 100% textile fabric
  • Some customers find the back side of shoes’ logo uncomfortable

3. Ortho+rest Women Diabetic Shoes

The Ortho+rest Women Diabetic Shoes are the best shoes for bunions and hammer toes. Because it helps the feet to provide arch support. Clearly , the orthotics or ortho rest shoes are made for putting less pressure on bunions.

best shoes for bunions and hammer toes

Thus, these orthopedic shoes available with adjustable closure for bunions arthritis, and swollen feet are also good for diabetic feet women. Because it helps swollen and sensitive feet to heal and provides comfort to the bunion area.


  • Slip-resistant
  • Comfortable and breathable for diabetic feet condition
  • Not water resistant

4. Wonesion Women’s Walking Running Shoes

To start with looking for the best and extra wide womens shoes for bunions, this Wonesion women’s shoes is suitable. Because these walking running shoes is athletic blade non-slip tennis fashion sneaker.

best shoes for bunions and hammer toes

This woman’s shoes are lightweight and offers stability with a low heel for preventing overpronation. Also, the sole and outer material of the shoes is made up of rubber that holds the grip to the surface.

As well as it is also the best shoes for tailor’s bunion. Because it also protects the feet, ankle, and last little finger from hurt or pain.


  • Breathable, comfortable, and durable
  • Better for walking, running, climbing, traveling
  • Some customers find the quality, arch support, fit, and weight inappropriate.

5. Brooks women’s adrenaline running shoe

 The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22 supportive running shoes are a great choice for women. Especially, this shoe is best for diabetic feet. As well as it is great and has extra wide womens shoes for bunions.

best shoes for bunions and hammer toes

These adrenaline running shoes are not only good for walking, and running but also best for gym training. Also, this Brooks women’s adrenaline shoes have been certified with the acceptance of the APMA seal.

So, to buy these perfect wide fitting shoes for bunions, go for 1/2 to one size larger than your regular shoe size. 


  • Soft cushioning and good arch support
  • Provide strength to the steps
  • Doesn’t have an adjustable fit with quality low

6. Lamincoa Women’s Air Running Shoes

 The Lamincoa women’s air running shoe is lightweight Sneakers with air cushion. The air cushion walking tennis shoes for women are made up of knitted fabric and have non-slip soles. This shoe is one of the best shoes for tailor’s bunion.

best shoes for bunions and hammer toes

Because, it has a soft cushioning sole that supports the thin little last toe to thumb for long-time wear also. Besides, its width is medium, thus for wider feet and extra wide womens shoes for bunions, half size up is recommendable. 


  • Comfortable, breathable, lightweight
  • Skin friendly as well as reduces irritation while running 
  • Less stability, more pressure on the toe while landing

7. Mishansha Womens Sneakers

Mishansha women’s sneakers is an air cushion running tennis shoes. This women’s sneaker is a lightweight arch-support walking shoe that helps to support the feet with correct foot posture.

best shoes for bunions and hammer toes

Moreover, it is the best running shoes for bunions to wear for a long time during gym training or walking and running. Not only for this, but it is also perfect for any kind of sports, working, and training. 


  • Increases elasticity due to shock-absorbing air cushion
  •  Non-slip as well as durable sole
  • Some users find it less comfortable

8. Adidas Women’s Pure Motion Adapt Running Shoe

The Adidas women’s pure motion adapt running shoe is made up of pure 100 % cotton fabric for enhancing comfortability. Also, it has a rubber sole and synthetic outer material to wear it comfortably for the long run.

best running shoes for bunions

It is one of the best extra wide womens shoes for bunions made in the USA. Besides, it has a good grip on the surface as well as a cushioning feel offering a cloudfoam midsole. 


  • Lightweight technical sports shoes
  •  Comfortable and easy to remove
  • Doesn’t have good arch support 

9. Skechers Women’s Go Walk Joy Tie Dye Slip-on Sneaker

The Skechers brand has availability of a wide variety and different kinds of best shoes for tailor’s bunion. As well as it has the availability of a kind of sneaker that can make you walk rough and tough comfortably.

best running shoes for bunions

So, here also this Skechers women’s go walk joy tie dye slip-on sneaker is suitable for women’s footwear. It is made up of 100% synthetic fabric material as well as has a rubber sole. Also, it has perfect toe box width along with ability to machine wash and air dry. 


  • Lightweight and responsive midsole cushioning
  • Breathable, flexible and sleek comfort design
  • A little bit size issue can arise

10. Orthofeet Ideal Coral Women’s Sneaker

The Orthofeet ideal coral women’s sneaker is a great orthopedic walking shoes. This orthopedic walking shoes are suitable for diabetic bunion feet. As well as it is also good for providing better arch support to bunion feet through its rubber sole.

best running shoes for bunions

Moreover, it is good for plantar fasciitis, along with healing and offering relief to the foot and heel pain. It is a perfect wide fitting shoes for bunions. Because it has extended widths in it. 


  • True to size
  • Extra wide women’s shoes for bunions 
  • Expensive and not water-resistant 

11. KEEZMZ Women Ladies Walking Running Shoes

Keezmz women’s slip-on casual walking and running shoes are one of the best running shoes for bunions. Because it is a wide fitting shoes for bunions that has a comfortable and good arch support along with fitting.

best running shoes for bunions

Moreover, it is a lightweight tennis sneakers made up of knitted fabric cloth shoes. 


  • Breathable and durable
  • Comfortable and good arch support
  • Not a high-quality shoe

12. GANNOU Women’s running shoes

GANNOU women’s air athletic running shoes are also the best shoes for tailor’s bunion. Along with being a fashion and fitness sneaker, this GANNOU women’s shoe is a perfect wide fitting shoes for bunions.

best running shoes for bunions

It helps the women to run with bunion feet comfortably for a long time wear without pain. It is also a good and wide fitting shoes for bunions feet women to get relief from much pain. 


  • Lightweight cushioning sole
  •  Breathable, flexible, and has a smooth transition
  • Not good for working out that is exercises or gym


Hence, good arch-support soles, and wide-toe box shoes are the best shoes for tailor’s bunion or bunion feet.

best running shoes for bunions

Moreover, stable, and flexible shoes are also a reason for curing bunion feet and such shoes are the best shoes for tailor’s bunion


1. Are minimalist shoes a good choice for bunions?

Yes, clearly minimalist shoes are a great choice and the best running shoes for bunions. Because it is designed in a manner that helps the bunion feet to not put pressure on the big toe.

2. Can I still use my regular running shoes if I have bunions?

No, if the running shoes are stiff, inflexible, and non-stable then, avoid using them. Because, stiff, and inflexible shoes can worsen the pain of a bunion while running.

3. Can running shoes cure bunions?

Comfortable, flexible, good arch support, cushioning sole, and good quality running shoes can cure bunions. Because, it offers stability for easy flow, walking, and landing of toe. So, the best running shoes for bunions can cure the bunion feet to an extent from pain. 

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