15+ Natural Best Oils for Low Porosity Hair: Complete Guide

Low porosity hair is the real struggle where the “not enough” feeling stays forever. No matter how liberally you apply hair oil unless you choose the best oils for low porosity hair, you won’t find the solution. Low porosity hair absorbs lesser moisture and gives access to minimum water to reach your scalp.

best oils for low porosity hair

Why? It is so because those having low porosity hair have tighter cuticles due to which moisture sits at the top of the hair without accessing the deeper roots. As a first symptom,  you will face super dry hair even after frequent washing and hair treatments. So, in that case, know what to apply from this article.

Importance of Choosing the Right Oils for Low Porosity Hair

You have to be really choosy while picking the right oils for low porosity hair. Primarily, prefer lighter hair oils (watery types) so that it enters the deeper roots of your hair easily. Unlike sticky hair oils, some lighter hair oils won’t leave residues behind and block the cuticles for further shine.

best oils for low porosity hair

We would recommend choosing lighter hair oils that contain vitamin E, proteins, and keratin to strengthen and nourish the hair. Like-

  • Coconut oil for low porosity hair
  • Argan kernel oil
  • Grapeseed oil
  • Jojoba oil
  • Almond oil
  • Mint peppermint oil with other nourishing oils
  • Castor oil, to name a few.

Also, prefer pure cold-pressed hair oils because of their excellent nutrient value, higher Omega 3 acids, and antioxidants.

Top 15 Best Oils for Low Porosity Hair

1. Handcraft 100% Pure and Natural Grapeseed Oil

Usually, your low porosity hair demands light and easily penetrating oil, so grape oil will be perfect for the cause. Handcrafted grapeseed oil can be applied among the best oils for 4c low porosity hair.

pre poo for low porosity hair

The Pure natural oil is extracted by the cold-pressed method of the grape seeds. The grape seeds are great for strengthening your hair and reluctantly heat protects your hair. You can massage your scalp with the oil and as a pre poo for low porosity hair.

Why Handcraft grape seed oil?

  • The oil improves scalp health.
  • Hydrates both skin and your hair: a multipurpose oil.
  • Made with a professional grade formula.
  • A perfect choice for aromatherapy and head massage.
  • Vegan, free from preservatives and chemicals.

Essentials: The oil consists of vitamins E, and K. And is made with 100% natural and pure grape seeds.

Any Complaints?

The users complain about the extra scent that may be overwhelming sometimes.

2. Maui Moisture Curl Quench Coconut Oil

If you have thicker but low porosity hair then coconut oil often helps. Maui coconut oil for low porosity hair defrizzes your hair and leaves the rich coconut essence behind.

pre poo for low porosity hair

You can also use the oil as pre poo for low porosity hair because it’s light in weight and conveniently massaged on your hair. If you have kinky coils, you can maintain your curls by smoothly detangling them.

Why Maui Coconut Oil?

  • 100% Vegan, silicone, and paraben free.
  • Hydrates, smoother, and de-frizz the hair.
  • Acts as a smooth detangler for your curls.
  • Comes in a light creamy papaya butter texture.

Essentials: The coconut oil for low porosity hair includes essentials like 100% aloe juice, papaya butter, and plumeria extract.

Any Complaints?

The coconut oil by Maui Moisture works great for 4c kinky hair however, some users still complained about the stickiness.

3. Mielle Organics Mint Almond Oil

Best oils for low porosity hair should penetrate through the hair roots and evenly distribute throughout the scalp. Mielle mint almond’s best oil for low porosity hair adds protection to your hair even with a small amount poured into your palm.

coconut oil for low porosity hair

The mint almond oil soothes the dry itchy scalp and keeps your hair healthy. Like most of the natural best oils for 4c low porosity hair, it is naturally lightweight and nonsticky. However, for safety don’t use it on children below one year old.

Why Mielle Mint Almond Oil?

  • Addresses the itchy dry scalp issues.
  • The almond oil is non-toxic, free from parabens, sulfates, paraffin, mineral oil, and animal testing.
  • Share a natural essence with your hair.
  • The rejuvenating mint and almond scent add an extra refreshing vibe.

Essentials: Primarily the mint almond oil is infused with glycerine soja, almond oil, and mentha mint oil.

Any Complaints?

The mint and almond oil may not feel that hydrating in the first few uses. So, those expecting immediate transformations have to wait for some time.

4. Leven Rose Vitamin E Oil

Again hunting for a really good multi-purpose nourishing oil? Leven Rose Vitamin E oil is not only among the best oils for low porosity hair but also good for skin, face, nails, and scars.

coconut oil for low porosity hair

The Vitamin E oil is sourced from sunflower oil which makes it gluten-free and ultra-moisturizing to your hair. Even for your low porosity hair or sensitive scalp, the yellow textured oil won’t make it dry. Simply apply a few drops on the scalp and prevent breakage or split ends.

Why Vitamin E Hair Oil?

  • It’s a multipurpose oil for skin, hair, face, nails, and any scars.
  • Shares a light nutty dark amber scent.
  • Helps deeply moisturize the hair.
  • Prevents the breakage of split ends and turns to softer and smoother hair.

Essentials: The hair oil is 100% pure undiluted and organic Vitamin E derived from the sunflower seeds.

Any Complaints?

The dropper is not up to the mark as it often leaks. Also, the hair oil is a bit sticky by nature. So, if you are okay with a bit of stickiness then go for it.

5. Cliganic USDA Organic Pure  Argan Oil

Argan oil for low porosity hair is believed to be the most healing for your damaged, rough, untamed hair. Moroccan women are most familiar with this cold-pressed argan oil and until recently they have kept it secret from the world.

coconut oil for low porosity hair

For the pre poo for low porosity hair, you should apply argan oil as it quickly absorbs the scalp and stays for long hours. Cliganic USDA hair oil is 100% out and made in the USA. You can also apply this cold-pressed carrier oil even on your face and body.

Why Cliganic Pure Argan Oil?

  • Spreads a sweet earthy and nutty aroma.
  • Intensely moisturizes the hair and skin on daily usage.
  • Is extracted using a cold-pressed method.
  • Your hair won’t feel heavy and greasy.
  • Vegan and cruelty-free.

Essentials: it comprises 100% pure argan oil without any synthetic additives. Made in the USA.

Any Complaints?

The bottle dispenser is difficult to unfreeze. Also, the smell of the hair oil is strong for sensitive users.

6. Kate Blanc Cosmetics Hair and Skin Argan Oil

Kate Blanc Moroccan Argan oil for low porosity hair is an organic formula promoting strong and healthy hair growth. Your low porosity hair stays healthy and shiny along with avoiding the unexpected split ends.

coconut oil for low porosity hair

Argan oil as one of the best oils for 4c low porosity hair is beneficial for bleached or brittle hair types. You can also blend the argan oil with peppermint oil as a magic formula to cure thinning hair.

Why Kate Blanc Argan Oil?

  • Vitamin E and antioxidants would reduce flakes and dandruff.
  • Extracted in a cold-pressed method.
  • Imported from Morocco, serves as a high-quality oil.
  • Easy blend with mint oil to resist thinning hair conditions.

Essentials: The hair oil is extracted from 100% compressed pure argan oil. To avoid artificial aroma, the hair oil is an argan light unscented formula.

best oils for 4c low porosity hair

Any Complaints?

The hair oil is greasy and may leave sticky residues on the hair even after post-shampooing the hair.

7. Pura D’or Organic Jojoba Oil

Pura D’or best oils for low porosity hair serves with superior solutions and aid with the rarest beauty and personal care problems.

best oils for 4c low porosity hair

Each bottle of Pura D’or jojoba oil is USDA certified and makes a longer imprint on the hair. The cold-pressed hair oil is of premium grade and easy to use free from contamination. The organic jojoba oil helps in hydrating the scalp and reduces hair dirt.

Why Pura D’or Jojoba Oil?

  • The organic hair oil is vegan and free from cruelty.
  • Acts both anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant.
  • The jojoba oil product is made in the USA.
  • Adds shimmer to your damaged dry frizzy hair.

Essentials: 100% pure jojoba oil organic and free from synthetics like sulfates, parabens, silicones, etc.

Any Complaints?

The scent is not that pleasing as complained by a few of the hair oil users.

8. OGX Nourishing and Coconut Milk Hair Serum

Even though you can apply OGX hair serum as coconut oil for low porosity hair, but still you can use it as an anti-breakage serum for all hair textures.

best oils for 4c low porosity hair

The coconut nourishing hair serum blended with egg white protein would soften and smooth the hair strands. So, regardless of fine, oily, low porosity, frizzy, or straight hair types, you can reluctantly massage your hair using the product.

Why OGX Coconut Milk Hair Serum?

  • The anti-breakage hair serum repairs strengthens, and hydrates the hair.
  • Made of all hair textures and types.
  • The anti-frizz hair oil brings lust, shine, and softens the hair.
  • The hair serum gives a vanilla bean extract and there essence.

Essentials: The serum is a blend of coconut oil, ultra-whipped proteins, shea butter, and glycerin to bring elasticity to the hair.

Any Complaints?

The hair even though nourishes the hair also weighs down and makes the strands look flat.

9. Arvazallia Argan Oil for Hair Treatment

Arvazallia argan oil for low porosity hair is a part of their premium hair collection that suits all hair types. As a pre poo for low porosity hair, the argan hair oil would restore, and repair the damage of brittle hair.

best oils for 4c low porosity hair

Comprising all the essential nutrients, hair-grade Moroccan argan oil believes in natural hair growth. The argan oil or what we call the golden hair oil acts as a leave-in conditioning treatment with an inclusive salon-like touch.

Why Arvazallia Argan Oil?

  • The golden hair oil repairs, restores, and rebuilds the damaged hair.
  • Effective for all hair types.
  • Locks in moisture and brings a brilliant hair shine.
  • The item is available in creamy item form.

Essentials: The hair oil includes Argania Spinosa oil, citric acid, Cetearyl alcohol, dimethicone, etc. All these ingredients act as a rich antioxidant in the hair.

best oils for 4c low porosity hair

Any Complaints?

The scent of the hair oil is a bit old school otherwise it works great for coarse and low-porosity hair conditions.

10. Aunt Jackie’s Avocado and Grapeseed Oil

The moisture balance is an important condition needed in the best oils for low porosity hair. Other than improving the porosity level, the lighter hair oil acts as pre poo treatment for low porosity hair.

best oils for 4c low porosity hair

The natural growth blended oil is excluded from artificial, sulfates, parabens, minerals, and parabens. So, there are no more complications to your hair. Aunt Jackie’s hair oil comes with a sweet mild coconut scent.

Why Aunt Jackie’s Avacodo and Grapeseed Oil?

  • Restores vibrancy and luster to the hair.
  • The hair oil maintains a balance of adequate moisture and thereby ends the greasy content.
  • As a pre poo for low porosity hair, it improves the tensile strength.
  • Complicated issues like damage, limp, and homelessness are resolved.

Essentials: Other than grapeseed, and avocado, other ingredients like coconut extracts, flax seeds, and rich vitamin E are infused within.

Any Complaints?

Even though the blended hair oil acts as an ideal pre poo but can’t be applied as a daily oil for kinky hair types.

11. Vegan Mia Organic Hydrating Oil

Searching for the best oils for 4c low porosity hair for both men and women? Vegan Mia Organics hair oil adds an organic rosemary lavender, thyme, or cedar wood scent to the hair.

argan oil for low porosity hair

The hair oil will suit every hair type and is free from artificial, parabens, chemicals, synthetic and toxic elements. The formula not only tames frizz and flyaways but also smooths the split ends.

Why Vegan Mia Hair Oil?

  • The nutrient-rich blended oil is ideal for scalp treatment and hydrates the scalp.
  • Moisture penetrates through the hair follicles and soothes the irritation.
  • Get rid of split ends and tames the frizzy hair.
  • Prevents breakage and repairs damaged hair.

Essentials: The formulation is a systematic blend of rosemary essential oil, Moroccan argan oil, jojoba oil, castor oil, virgin coconut oil, and much more.

argan oil for low porosity hair

Any Complaints?

Even though it would be ideal for 4c hair or the thicker hair types, for fine hair, it would be too much to add.

12. Lisse 100% Pure Moroccan Argan Oil

Looking for perfectionist best oils for 4c low porosity hair that will protect you from hair damage? Lisse Moroccan Argan oil reduces the damaging effects of free radicals, pollution, and premature edging all at once.

argan oil for low porosity hair

The ingredients included are of premium quality which gives both a refreshing smell and feel. Other than being good for your hair, the argan oil also strengthens your nails, softens the cuticles, and more.

Why Lisse Moroccan Argan Oil?

  • The lightweight non-sticky texture.
  • Quality assurance with third-party verification.
  • Restores heat damage and regain the lost shine.
  • Protects from pollution premature aging, and free radicals.

Essentials: the ingredients are rich in vitamin E, fatty acids, antioxidants, Tocopherol, and more.

Any Complaints?

The polishing impact does not stay for long and makes your hair look dry as usual after some time.

13. AK2 Naturally Divine Rosemary, Hibiscus Hair Oil

The naturally divine AK2 hair oil cleanses the dirt and prevents clogging so that natural moisture penetrates the roots. Typically like the best oils for low porosity hair, it would guarantee a versatile stylist look.

argan oil for low porosity hair

For example, you can achieve sleek and long-lasting braids all at once. The premium scalp oil will assure healthy hair growth and restore the lost shine.

Why AK2 Naturally Divine Oil?

  • It’s a luxurious blend of natural oils and herbs.
  • Intensely moisturizes and strengthens hair preventing breakage.
  • Achieve sleek edges with double edge booster.
  • Restores the damaged and dry itchy hair.

Essentials: It’s a variation of approx. 20 different oils including rosemary oil, Jamaican black castor oil, flaxseed oil, argan oil, grapeseed oil, etc.

Any Complaints?

The main complaint received is because of the greatness and overwhelming scent of the product.

14. Pattern Beauty Jojoba, Rosehip, Olive, Hair Oil

Patter Beauty has mixed the best oils for 4c low porosity hair into one to get the perfect result. The pattern beauty product gives you a deserving treat for your hair while moisturizing, soothing, and revitalizing effect.

If you are longing for uplifting and authentic beauty, you don’t have to hesitate about applying the oil.

argan oil for low porosity hair

Why Pattern Beauty Hair Oil?

  • Free from paraben, SLS, Silicone, phthalate, formaldehyde, etc.
  • Promoted healthy hair and adds elasticity to the hair.
  • Safer from artificial colorant and cruelty-free.
  • Intense hair and scalp hydration.

Essentials: It’s a blend of sunflower oil, jojoba oil, rose hip, olive, and lavender hair oil.

Any Complaints?

The packaging should have been better because the dispenser often gets frozen.

15. Desert Premium Argan Oil for Hair

Desert Premium coconut and argan oil for low porosity hair strengthens the hair fibers and restores faded dry hair. The lightweight nourishing hair adds an intensive moisturizing layer giving a lasting shine.

argan oil for low porosity hair

The hair oil is enriched with antioxidants and balances the scalp and natural sebum levels. So, the coconut and argan oil for low porosity hair keeps the scalp and hair both hydrated at once.

Why Dessert Premium Argan Oil?

  • Helps in defrizzing and restoring damaged hair.
  • Turns to stronger healthier hair.
  • Gives you improved elasticity and reduces hair loss.
  • Intensely nourishes your hair cuticles.

Essentials: The powerpack blend of coconut oil, argan, and jojoba hair oil. The chief constituents are vitamin E, Omega 3, 6, and 9.

argan oil for low porosity hair

Any Complaints?

The hair oil includes additives like silicon which may have the life of your hair.

Using Oils on Low Porosity Hair

● Dos

To start with what you should do with your low porosity hair, here are a few tricks-

  • Before going to bed, you should twist and braid your hair every night. These will help in trapping the moisture and give your hair time to absorb it.
  • While taking a shower, prefer lukewarm water over cold or tap water. Lukewarm opens the hair cuticles and makes the hair softer.
  • Coconut oil for low porosity hair is mighty among all hair oils when it comes to daily usage. It does not leaves residues and hydrates the hair.
Best Oils for Low Porosity Hair
  • Every day steam your hair for ten to twenty minutes which will open the cuticles and absorb moisture in the hair.
  • In your hair routine add a lot of watery ingredients, to make your hair elastic, and flexible and to avoid frizzy hair.
  • Sleep on a satin pillow or wear a head cap while sleeping so that due to friction, the hair moisture does not vents out.

● Don’ts

To prevent your low porosity hair from turning worse, here are a few things you should strictly avoid:

  • Start avoiding artificial treatments like protein treatments which will further absorb moisture from the hair. This makes your low porosity hair further dry and frizzy.
  • Avoid hair oils containing toxins such as parabens, silicones, sulfates, and phthalates, which will damage the hair and lead to split ends.
Best Oils for Low Porosity Hair
  • Don’t leave your hair untied while directly exposing the sun as it would make your low porosity hair further dull and lifeless.
  • Try lightweight and gel-based products in place of heavy textured creamy products like shea butter as it will leave residues.

Take Actions Now!

There’s nothing to worry about yet if you have low porosity hair. Instead, take action at the right time. Pick from the above given 15 best oils for low porosity hair and massage gently once or twice every day for desired results.

Best Oils for Low Porosity Hair

Low porosity hair makes your hair look damaged and lifeless and you can’t afford such gambling with your hair. So, protect your strands and let your hair share a perfectionist look with you.


1. Is castor oil good for low porosity hair?

 Light hair oils like castor oil, and coconut oil are known best for low porosity hair. It is so because it contains all the richness of vitamin E, saturated fats, and antioxidants to nourish and hydrate your hair strands.

Use castor hair oils mixed with other essentials to get the best results. Like, as AK2 naturally divine hair oil; and Vegan Mia organic oil our list.

2. How often should I use oils on my low porosity hair?

You can daily pay hair oil on your low porosity hair but the one condition is that it must be lightweight and free from artificial. Try to pick those oils which are rich in vitamin E, saturated fat, proteins, keratin, protein, etc for smooth and shiny hair. Recommend our above list to shop for the best.

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