35+ Best Leather Skirt Outfit Ideas: Complete Fashion Guide

A leather skirt is an elegant and evergreen piece of clothing. It’s a fantastic item, especially in the cooler months, and can be worn in various ways.

leather skirt outfit ideas

They are available in multiple designs and lengths, from simple to ruffled, long to short. Wear it with a simple tee while the weather is mild, and add a sweater and trench coat when the mercury drops.

Out of many leather skirt outfit ideas you can select one of the best that suits your style and occasion.

1. With Oversized Sweater:

The oversize sweater is going perfectly with this mini leather skirt. The handbag she has and the pointed heels complement her looks.

leather skirt outfit ideas

She wore round-shaped earnings along with messy burns enhancing her appearance and making her look elegant. If you are thinking about what to wear with a leather skirt then this combination you may need.

2. Leather skirt with Turtleneck:

Isn’t she looking fantastic in this outfit? The perfectionist lady uses a turtleneck sweater with her mini leather jacket.

leather skirt outfit ideas

Her dress along with her pose looks tremendous on one side and her red lipstick and open hair add complements to her this look. This black leather skirt outfit is something that one should try.

3. Leather Short Skirts:

Sometimes we just look stylish by wearing a simple and classy outfit, isn’t it? Well, then this look is great for girls looking for leather skirt outfit ideas.

leather skirt outfit ideas

A short leather skirt with a vest and wearing a black long leather coat will increase your confidence level in fashion beauty and styling.

4. All in Black:

Curious to know what to wear with a black shimmery leather skirt? Just look at the idea of a caring black shimmery maxi leather skirt with a beautiful black cardigan.

leather skirt outfit ideas

Black heals in sexy legs along with a black matching clutch in one hand makes this black leather skirt idea unique and outstanding.

5. Casual look with a T-shirt:

How one can miss this super exciting night out black leather skirt outfit? The style is casual although looking sexy because of the extremely beautiful combination.

leather skirt outfit ideas

A maxi leather skirt with a casual t-shirt, a stylish handbag and wavy hair, lipstick, and a neckpiece look perfect with the dress.

6. With high waist PU leather Skirt:

Have you wanted to try a casual shirt with a high website PU leather skirt? Then have a glance over this edgy leather skirt outfit idea which looks fabulous because of the black and white color combination.

leather skirt outfit ideas

A black handbag with a neckpiece is per combination. However black and white along with good sneakers will enhance the beauty of the dress.

7. Black Leather skirt with Denim Jacket:

There are endless leather skirt outfit ideas that fit every occasion. Look at this party wear yet simple and elegant black leather skirt outfit can’t you can’t skip from your idea list.

leather skirt outfit ideas

Short leather skirts white vests and fabulous denim jacks are a deadly combination.

8. Combination of Black and Brown:

Leather skirt outfit ideas are many but having one that attracts the attention of everyone is priceless.

black leather skirt outfit

Look at the killer look of this leather skirt outfit idea where wavy blonde hair, one side shoulder sweater, a short leather skirt paired with a matching bag, and lipstick shade go perfectly with each other.

9. Two Piece Leather:

This fashion idea is best for those who are looking for a night out black leather skirt outfit idea.

black leather skirt outfit

Whatever your plan may be for your night out or party you can try this sexy leather co-ord set fully leathery and shiny looking excellent for all occasions. The strap crop top with a plain leather jacket is stunning.

10. Sexy Leather Look:

Whether you planning to go to a party, a night out, or on a dinner date, this night-out black leather skirt outfit idea is one that you can try on your special day.

black leather skirt outfit

A black strap top and maxi black leather jeans go well with each other. The contrast bag along with high heels is something that gives your edgy leather skirt outfit a different meaning.

11. Black and White Combination:

Can anyone think about ignoring the combination of black and white? No, the reason is the look and charm it left among the people are remarkable.

black leather skirt outfit

Watch this combination in the picture. Short skirt with belt, white shirt pattern top that looks simple but enhances the beauty of women.

12. Sexy combination of Black & Brown

Just flaunt your figure with the sexy combination of two, that is brown and black. Just have a look at the stylish, elegant night-out black skirt outfit idea.

black leather skirt outfit

Zipper short skirt, brown full neck sweater, stylist band purse, with high heel boots suits your style perfectly.

13. Short Leather Skirt:

Want a cool look in winter by wearing an edgy leather skirt outfit? Look at the style, pose, and beauty of this pic.

black leather skirt outfit

The leather skirt outfit idea is trending and trying this black short leather skirt with a white crop shirt and short leather jacket is new and trendy for everyone looking.

14. Front Split Leather with long Boots:

See, how the knee-high boots parallel the look of the front split black leather skirt and red turtleneck top.

brown leather skirt outfit

The leather skirt outfit idea is incomplete with this combination. Long nails, nude shade lipstick, Straight hair, and round earing all combined perfectly.

15. With zipper Sleeves Top:

Have a glance over this leather skirt outfit idea. This breathtaking look became the point of attraction.

brown leather skirt outfit

Black leather short skirt, with regular green color zipper sleeves top giving different look to black leather skirt outfit. You can also enhance your beauty y adding round earing and wavy blonde hair.

16. Black Leather skirt with Transparent top:

Searching for what to wear with a leather skirt that looks sexy and hot on you then look for this exciting idea.

brown leather skirt outfit

Look bold and presentable with a black mini leather skirt and paired it with a black transparent top. Enhance your charms by adding a black purse, goggles, and a high ponytail to your look.

17. Leather Shorts with Stockings:

For looking sexy no need to show your skin. Even by choosing the perfect leather skirt outfit idea you can show your bold look to everyone.

brown leather skirt outfit

Just cover your pretty skin of yours by wearing black leather shorts with stockings. Add more attractiveness to your look by pairing it with a black turtleneck top with open hair.

18. Paired with Yellow Crop top:

This pic itself shows you the edgy leather skirt outfit idea. Just have a look at this leather skirt outfit idea.

brown leather skirt outfit

She has shown her shiny skin by wearing a yellow strap crop top with a sexy crocodile vegan leather skirt. Smoky eyes, nude shade lipstick, and straight open hair is giving classy look to this outfit.

19. With Stylish Crop top:

night out black leather skirt outfit

The sexiest brown leather skirt outfit is in front of you. The combination of a super seductive brown leather skirt with a white strap blouse or crop top is quite dashing and the brown leather coat with goggles enhances the sexiness of the outfit. Just try it once.

20. Edgy Chic Outfit idea:

Thinking about what to wear with a leather skirt that people are obsessed to have?

night out black leather skirt outfit

Then try this edgy leather skirt outfit where she wore a black top with a black leather coat in the upper part, however, used a brown leather skirt paired with black combat boots and black goggles matching perfectly to every occasion and event.

21. Simple but Stylish Outfit:

Now, an edgy leather skirt outfit is here. She standing cutely in this orange leather skirt and a white loose cardigan.

night out black leather skirt outfit

The wavy blonde hair and black goggles she chooses to style in her outfit. This short skirt is wildly showing her high-toned legs and sexy face at the same time.

22. Look Glamorous in Brown Skirt:

Are you feeling carving for what to wear with the leather skirt outfit idea? We have a much more brown leather skirt outfit ideas for you.

night out black leather skirt outfit

The shirt pattern top styled off the shoulder from one side with a brown mini brown leather skirt is incredible. The goggles and snake skin-designed books and hand purses are something different.

23. Red Leather Skirt:

Blessed yourself with stylish leather skirts. The flower-printed multi-colored top and red leather skirt of different style with brown boots looking amazing and is fit for the background.

night out black leather skirt outfit

Whenever a question arises about what to wear with a leather skirt then must consider your background and occasion also.

24. Be sexy with Brown Leather Outfit:

Wear this pretty dress and show your body in a girly way. This is one of the best brown leather skirt outfits you can go with.

night out black leather skirt outfit

Wearing a brown leather skirt with a brown collar pattern crop top is stunning. This super sexy summer outfit makes you appear fresh and presentable.

25. Show a Bold Look with a Red Skirt:

Who doesn’t want to show their bold look in the sexiest way? Now it’s possible with an edgy leather skirt outfit. This outfit idea shows your bold look stylishly.

what to wear with a leather skirt

A red zipper leather skirt contrasted with a collar top is stunning. Showing cleavage along with the neckpiece is the sexiest.

26. Chic Figure Outfit:

This mini skirt Brown leather jacket with a package design on the hips is blow your mind. You can show your curves perfectly with this brown leather skirt outfit with a white collar top.

what to wear with a leather skirt

Apply nude lipstick and open your hair to give a casual as well as cool look to your outfit.

27. Off-shoulder top with a Leather skirt:

What to wear with a leather skirt? Well, we have one more stunning idea for you to look cool in winter by wearing a night out black leather skirt outfit contrasted with skin colors shoulder show.

what to wear with a leather skirt

Your cloth represents your personality hence this combination is the perfect choice for you.

28. Red leather Dress with Stockings:

Uff what a dress this is. This up-to-knee-length red leather dress looks gorgeous on everyone who chooses this leather outfit. The stocking is paired with it giving outstanding look.

what to wear with a leather skirt

The cleavage is visible giving sexy look to the beautiful lady. Short and blonde hair is going with the outfit.

29. Brown Skirt with White top:

What to wear with a leather skirt? And your answer is here. This brown Leather skirt outfit makes you able to go with the trend. Paired it with a white sexy crop top that shows your cleavage and gives seductive look.

what to wear with a leather skirt

The zipper in from of the skirt is somewhat giving unique look and the open hair, oh my god adds charm to the outfit.

30. The attractive Black and Brown:

Who thought that brown leather skirt outfit looks so trendy by pairing with a black shirt? She styles the shirt in an off-shoulder style that goes perfectly with the dress-up style.

what to wear with a leather skirt

The color of the hand purse she chooses is tremendous. The contrast combination of dress with open hair is marvelous.

31. Brown Leather and White top:

It’s not necessary to do heavy makeup to look beautiful and sexy. Just look at the style of the girl.

what to wear with a leather skirt

The edgy leather skirt that is brown along with the collar full sleeves top looks beautiful with wavy blonde hair. The nude lipstick enhances the look of the outfit and makes it worth buying.

Celebrity inspiration

32. Kylie Jenner in a Floral top:

Let me introduce Kylie Jenner in a brown leather skirt outfit. She wore a beautiful short leather skirt with a multicolored top.

Kylie Jenner in a Floral top

Her high black heels and the hand gloves she carried are beyond perfect. If you are confused about what to wear with a leather skirt you can try her look.

33. Kendal Jenner in a Leather outfit:

Kendal Jenner, the name is enough as she is known for her sexy outfit and fashion. She is looking sizzling hot even without showing her body. Look at her short beige vest taupe knit jacket with chunky black buttons and a pocket on it along with a night-out black leather skirt outfit.

Kendal Jenner in a Leather outfit

She even styled them both with a turtleneck full sleeves top. Showing off her toned legs in addition to high black leather pointed-toes boots and a bling black leather bag.

34. Rihanna in a Python Leather outfit:

Rihanna attended a show by savage & Fenty, where she appeared as an amazing and dazzling star-scattered celebrity. She was amazingly rocking and stunning with her fashion sense at the show.

Rihanna in a Python Leather outfit

Effortlessly, she appeared in her chic and edgy leather skirt outfit look with a black python jacket. Showing off her toned high-thigh legs, she even styled her outfit with pair of classic accessories.

35. Bella Hadid in Short skirt:

Bella Hadid is one of the best catwalk or ramp walk models. Her styling and fashionable outfits look stunning with the walk she demonstrates to the people out there on the street.

Bella Hadid in Short skirt

She enhances the basic white top look with the black fur jacket from the shoulder and wrist side and skimpy leather skirt.

Her edgy leather skirt Outfit look is enhanced with its side high-waist broach as a belt. Her leather fur mini bag is even complementing her fur jacket of her.

36. Selena Gomez in One-piece Leather outfit:

Selena Gomez never disappoints her fans by compromising her fashion look. She stepped out for the red carpet show with the one-piece night out black Leather skirt outfit.

Selena Gomez in One-piece Leather outfit

Her outfit bestows the look of a one-piece long motorcycle leather jacket looks with a silver zip on the waist side complementing her charm.

Styling Tips:

Several ideas and inspirations can be grasped from the celebrity’s look. You can style a basic white top, shirt, coat, or leather jacket with the white tee, ruffled white crop top, knitted jacket, or shrugs, and can wear cowboy boots with the leather skirt.

1. Blazer

Blazer with leather skirt outfit

A blazer is the best complement to your black leather skirt outfit to achieve a more polished and put-together image. It’s appropriate for the office, class, or prom.

2. Sweaters

Sweaters with leather skirt outfit

A sweater is a perfect way to top off your outfit whenever you need additional heat. Choose slim-fitting sweaters in any hue if you wish to wear them under a slim trench coat and other outerwear.

3. Short-sleeved shirts

Wearing a brown leather skirt outfit with a crop top is a terrific alternative for warmer weather.

Short-sleeved shirts with leather skirt outfit

This ensemble will highlight your tummy and aid in keeping you comfortable in the sweltering weather. There’s bound to be a crop top that perfectly expresses who you are!

4. Turtlenecks

You can wear your faux leather skirt with any color turtleneck as the temperature drops. This ensemble is great for the cooler months because it will help keep you warm. If the edgy leather skirt outfit is short, combine it with sneakers or boots and wear a pair of black tights under them.

Turtlenecks with leather skirt outfit

To wear leather skirt clothes in summer select some basic, breathable, lightweight material to keep your ensemble airy, and cotton tops to wear above the edgy leather skirt outfit in summers.

Whereas to style the leather skirt clothes in winter, along with the basic top wear leather coats, blazers, woolen knitted jackets, high-thigh woolen stockings, or cowboy high-thigh boots, especially for the night out black leather skirt outfit in winter.


The edgy leather skirt outfit or night out black leather skirt outfit can dress up and enhances the look of any outfit casual tops and tees.


You can get some ideas and inspiration for such leather skirt outfits from the above-mentioned celebrity and model’s fashion sense, look, and outfit.

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