Top 15 Best Fashion Bloggers in Utah: You Should Follow

Fashion blogs & fashion bloggers have been active since the early 2000s. Today, though, blogging is a very different game.

Best Fashion Bloggers in Utah

While the number of fashion blogs is at an all-time high, we can’t deny that social media platforms like Instagram remain the single largest channel for directing visitors to fashion blogs. But we’re not complaining because it’s made our lives two times easier.

Best Fashion Bloggers in Utah

There’s a hashtag game going on, and that’s how we’re getting into people’s profiles. We get engrossed, enthralled, and sometimes lose track of time while scrolling through hashtag after hashtag.

Best Fashion Bloggers in Utah

It might sometimes be daunting to see every other influencer with thousands (or even millions) of followers and the content they have to provide. Despite this, some fashion blogs manage to distinguish out. And we’ll be discussing them today.

1. Kendall Kremer

Among the top 15 best fashion bloggers in Utah, Kendall Kremer is one of the most famous Utah bloggers. She is a fashion blogger and shares his fashion styles with the world.

There is also a website of hers named “styled snapshots.” You can visit Kremer’s website and see the great collection of styles, homes, life, travel, and much more.

Her fashion sense and creative ideas are unique. It would be best if you visited her Instagram profile to learn more about fashion and more.

2. Stephanie Brinkerhoff

Stephanie Brinkerhoff is a professional hair & makeup artist who also teaches hairstyling. In 2007, she started her professional career as a makeup and hair artist. If you have always dreamed to become a hair model, you can find open vacancies on Jooble

She currently travels the world for events, destination weddings, and workshops. Stephanie’s art has received widespread fame. She is a business entrepreneur and single mother of three children in Utah.

Stephanie is among the top Utah influencers. Make sure to check out her work.

3. The Quinn Girls

The Quinn girls are among the top Utah influencers. Eleesha is the mother of three children: Logan, Aleeia, and Isla. Her parent influencer channel is the most authentic “Girl World,” with her children as princesses and her as queen.

Eleesha also has a blog called Mama Disrupt, where she posts on everything a modern parent needs. She writes on parenthood, style, the body, and the spirit. Follow her right now!

4. Emily Meyers

Among the best fashion bloggers in Utah, Emily is best known for her lifestyle blog, The Freckled Fox. She gives beauty, culinary, hair, & fashion advice while parenting five children.

Best Fashion bloggers in Utah

The elaborated hair lessons made her prominent among bloggers. Meyer enjoys her state’s varied seasons, allowing her to wear various attire. Emily Meyer is among the beautiful Utah bloggers.

She currently has over 240,000 Instagram followers, which is an outgrowth of her website, The Freckled Fox. Martin, her spouse, and she have five children. Her spouse was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer when he was 34 years old in 2015, and he died a year later, on June 17, 2016.

5. Angelia Layton

Model and reality personality who won USA Miss Utah 2014 & represented the state in Miss USA 2014. She was also a contestant on Survivor: Philippines.

Best Fashion Bloggers in Utah

Angelia Layton won Miss Utah Teen USA in 2010 and finished third in the Miss Teen USA competition that year.

Angelia went to BYU to pursue fashion. She has over 210,000 Instagram followers and a role in the computer game The Haunted Horseman. Angelia has six siblings, five boys and one sister.

Layton is among the best fashion bloggers in Utah. Angelia has a blog too, where she shares unique ideas related to lip gloss and lipsticks. You must check it out once.

6. Sandyalamode

Sandy is a fashion and lifestyle blogger, a kid-obsessed photographer, a bubble tea enthusiast, and a shopaholic, & she enjoys being active.

Her blog is my small corner of the internet where she shares clothing (both women’s fashion & mommy + me outfits).

She also shares about fantastic shopping bargains and recipes, her work on the home design (it’s a never-ending endeavor, right? ), talks about parenthood, and shares daily ideas. Her goal is to motivate you to dress well and enjoy life!

7. Brittanymaddux

American fashion & lifestyle blogger Brittany is best known for founding her eponymous lifestyle and fashion site. Brittany is among the top Utah influencers.

Best Fashion Bloggers in Utah

She started the blog to share her newest fashion and beauty advice with readers and to link them with businesses and companies with which she works. In 2014, she started the Brittany Maddux blog site.

In 2017, she published a Mother’s Day gift list titled “EASY AND Respectful MOTHER’S DAY GIFTS.” She is the mother of two small children. Both she and Rebecca Felgate established successful blog sites.

8. Kristin Rose Davis

Kristin Rose Davis has been managing the fashion blog for some years! It’s mostly about fashion, with a little bit about beauty, lifestyle, fitness, and travel tossed in for good measure!

If you scroll through her Instagram profile, you’ll be amazed by her stunning looks and creative ideas. She also prefers to wear utah outfits. Kristin is the emerging best fashion bloggers in Utah.

9. Manuella Braga

Manuella Braga is also among the best fashion bloggers in Utah. She is a fashion blogger, and there are hundreds of images related to fashion on her Instagram profile.

It would be best if you did not skip these Utah outfits. We have provided you the link above so you can visit her Instagram profile and blog. She is a dentist by profession too.

This is the reason her teeth are so white. Isn’t it?

10. Arybindrup- Araceli Bindrup

Araceli Bindrup is one of the best fashion bloggers in Utah too. She loves to wear Utah outfits. You must attend her significant fashion collections of her.

To visit the fashion collections, refer to the Instagram link above. Currently, She has more than 52 thousand followers on Instagram. You might love her collections.

11. Jackie welling

Jackie Welling is an emerging fashion blogger in Utah. Her Instagram bio says that she shares her lifestyle on Instagram. Jackie is a fashion lover, and her dressing sense is out of the box.

You must check out her fashion styles. There are hundreds of images that can be found on the internet. And there’s no need to be concerned about your personal style. Jackie welling will take care of all your fashion needs and Utah outfits.

12. Amber Fillerup Clark

Amber Fillerup Clark is a fashion expert, hair stylist, and fashion blogger. She specializes in hair braiding. She has also created her haircare line, Dae Hair, and BFB Hair clip extensions.

She grew up in Mesa, Arizona, and then moved to Provo, Utah, to pursue studies at Utah Valley University. She just stayed for a semester before going to hair school. She created a hair lesson for Madison Beer’s MET Gala look.

13. Aspyn Ovard

Aspyn Ovard is a fashion and beauty expert well-known for her YouTube channel, which has over 3.3 million followers. She is among the top Utah influencers.

With her husband, Parker Ferris, she also hosts a secondary channel named Aspyn + Parker. On her own YouTube channel, she posts beauty lessons, Do-It-Yourself films, and “Attire of the Week videos,” among other things.

She has filmed her trips to Chicago, New York City, and Los Angeles on YouTube.

14. Rachel Parcell

Rachel Parcell is a fashion blogger known for her Pink Peonies blog, where she posts daily outfits, style tips, and home décor.

Best Fashion Bloggers in Utah

She is also an accomplished jewelry designer who has created her Pink Peonies jewelry brand. She began writing in September 2011 to document her interests. It later became her profession.

She has attended events such as NYC Fashion Week 2015 due to the popularity of her blogging profession. Another well-known blogger is Emily Jackson, who operates the lifestyle website

15. Lauryncakes: Utah Fashion and Beauty Blogger

Lauryn Hock, the blogger behind the lauryncakes Utah fashion and beauty blog, has been managing her brand and business for three years. The brand may also be discovered on social media under the handle @lauryncakes.

Best Fashion Bloggers in Utah

She blogs mainly about fashion, with a splash of beauty and lifestyle tossed in for good measure, but the three tend to go hand in hand. She often characterizes her style as ‘urban sophisticate’ and ‘boho edge.’ Stevie Nicks is her fashion inspiration and style icon!

Lauryn is undoubtedly your go-to girl for all things Insta, Facebook groups, & blogging, and she is always willing to assist anyone in need. She enjoys seeing people flourish and achieve their objectives. A grin on the face of someone she is in any way influencing brightens her day.


We have listed the top 15 best fashion bloggers in Utah, like lauryncakes Utah fashion and beauty blog.

Although Utah is likely best known for its vast swaths of desert and spectacular mountain vistas, the state also has a thriving blogging community.

Best Fashion Bloggers in Utah

These notable bloggers undoubtedly live up to their reputations due to their outstanding taste and sense of style.

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