The 15 Best Face Oils For Gua Sha That Your Must Have 

One of the Chinese skincare techniques that is bringing many benefits to the skin of everyone is Gua Sha massage. To add more beauty, choose the best oil to use with Gua Sha massage.

Adding Gua Sha massage to the list of skincare routines can be effective for every skin type. Because, the Gua Sha technique of massage helps the skin to detoxify, hydrate, as well as promotes lymphatic drainage. 

Best face oil for gua sha

Through Gua Sha massage, it becomes easy for the skin to reboot the function again easily and better. Because it helps the skin to wipe out the waste or toxin particles from the skin. Also, it helps to make blood circulation function better under the skin.

As a result, it helps to avoid acne, swelling of facial skin, redness, and fine lines and eliminates other early age signs. So, as per the skin type, there are many varieties of the best face oil for Gua Sha massage available.

Best face oil for gua sha

There are many best oils for Gua Sha massage available. But it’s difficult to choose one among those many other best varieties. So, to get healthier skin with such best face oil for Gua Sha massage along with the tool.

Hence, to help you with a selection of the best face oil for Gua Sha. There are some listed below in the article with links. Such are, 

15 Face Oils for Gua Sha Lovers: Your Path to Beauty

1. Kate Blanc Rosehip Oil for Face & Skin 

  • Suitable To: oily, sensitive and dry skin         
  • Active ingredients: Vitamin E, Rosehip seed oil
  • Function: reduces wrinkles, scars, acne
  • Additional: Promoted skin regeneration 

Kate Blanc rosehip oil is the best oil for Gua Sha massage. This helps the skin to brighten up as well as reduces fine lines, acne, stretch marks, and other related scars.

best serum for gua sha

The Kate Blanc Cosmetics has brought a USDA Organic Rosehip Seed Face Oil for Gua Sha Massage. Besides, this is organically grown 100% Pure, Cold Pressed Rose Hip Oil for Acne Scars and Facial Oil. 


  • Effective facial toner as well as facial massage oil
  • Keeps skin hydrated and moisturized
  • Customers find the smell not so good

2. Bruizex Lymphatic Facial Massage Oil

  • Suitable To: all skin type    
  • Active ingredients: orange, jojoba oil
  • Function: Soothes and hydrates skin
  • Additional: Anti-aging properties to eliminate wrinkles and fine lines 

If you are looking for the best oil for Gua Sha massage, then go for this lymphatic facial oil. Because this oil is infused with Jojoba and Coconut Oils. Along with it, other organic ingredients are involved in this facial oil.

best serum for gua sha

Such are citrus, oranges, lavender, grapefruit, and other essential oils that help in soothing the skin. Moreover, this facial lymphatic drainage oil for Gua Sha massage is best to detoxify and hydrate the skin.


  • Protects skin from radicals and environmental damages
  • Rejuvenated, detoxifies, moisturizes and hydrates the skin
  • Not for citrus or orange allergens 

3. HEMP for U Gua Sha Massage Tools & Rosehip Oil 

  • Suitable To: all skin type   
  • Active ingredient: Rosehip oil
  • Function: Promotes blood flow
  • Additional: relief of skin stress and swelling 

Not only this HEMP for u Rosehip oil is good for moisturizing skin. But, also best for brightening the skin tone and evens the skin tone. The HEMP for u Rosehip oil and Gua Sha tool in one set available is a perfect skincare one-stop solution set.

best serum for gua sha

Moreover, this Gua Sha stone is a better skin massager to promote better blood flow all over the skin. As well as it is a nice travel pouch for skin massage that is available with this Nature Jade Stone Facial Gua Sha tool. Thus, it is the best oil to use with Gua Sha tool. 


  • Soothes dry skin
  • Increases skin elasticity 
  • Some customers find the quality low

4. PURA D’OR Organic Rosehip Seed Oil

  • Suitable To: all skin type 
  • Active ingredient: Retinol
  • Function: Balances oily skin and nourishes
  • Additional: reduces dark spots, hyperpigmentation, acne, redness

With compliance with bringing purity to every PURA D’OR bottle, this is a 100% pure cold-pressed facial serum. Also, it is one among the best serum for Gua Sha massage, anti-aging, and acne scar treatment.

best serum for gua sha

Because it is infused with ingredients that are skin-friendly as well as free from environmental damage. Thus, this oil doesn’t contain sulfates, parabens, silicones, and other artificial additives in it. 


  • Cruelty-free, and rejuvenate the skin
  • Balances uneven complexion
  • Little bit costly

5. Kate Blanc Cosmetics Jojoba Oil 

  • Suitable To: All skin type     
  • Active ingredient: Jojoba oil
  • Function: Treats skin against inflammation 
  • Additional: promotes a radiant glow

Kate Blanc Cosmetics Jojoba Oil is the best oil for Gua Sha as it is organic and 100% pure & natural oil. Not only it moisturizes skin but also good for hair, scalps, and cuticles.

best oil for sensitive skin

This oil helps the skin to keep it healthy by applying it over the skin as well as in hair follicles. Definitely, it is infused with nutrients that are beneficial for dry scalps and irritated skin. 


  • It has antioxidants and Vitamin E properties 
  • Reduces sunburn
  • Not for Allergan to jojoba oil

6. The Organic Skin Co. Glow Serum

  • Suitable To: Dry, sensitive, mature and acne-prone skin type
  • Active ingredients: Jojoba seed turmeric oil, almond seed, honeysuckle, rosemary
  • Function: hydrating face while massage
  • Additional: best face oil for Gua Sha massage 

The Organic Skin Co. promises to give a nourishing skin glow with immense hydration to the skin. Because it includes Jojoba seed, turmeric oil, rosemary, sunflower oil, apricot, almond seeds, and many other nutrients in it.

best oil for sensitive skin

All these nutrients help the skin to glow and keep it moisturized for long. Thus, this nourishing skin serum is the best serum for Gua Sha massage. 


  • Vegan Gua Sha Organic Care
  • Hydrates skin with good oil absorption
  • Quite expensive

7. Alliwise Gua Sha Facial Tools & Organic Lavender Oil 

  • Suitable To: All Skin Types      
  • Active ingredient: lavender oil
  • Function: Reduces Puffiness and Fine Lines
  • Additional: relaxes skin from stress

It’s safer to choose complete one solution for skin care. This is possible through the Alliwise skin care massage set in which they brought oil along with the Gua Sha tool.

best oil for sensitive skin

That is the lavender face oil is available with Natural Jade Gua Sha Stone for massaging the face very well. Moreover, it promotes better blood circulation along with it. Due to which it ultimately leads to reduce finelines or early age signs. Thus, it is one among the best oil to use with Gua Sha tool for massage. 

best oil for sensitive skin


  • Durable and smooth surface Gua Sha stone
  • Clean dirt from deep pores
  • Not water resistant

8. Admire My Skin Vitamin C Oil 

  • Suitable To: all skin type
  • Finishing: matte finishing
  • Function: hides blemishes, as well as redness 
  • Additional: seamlessly blends into the skin

Hera the Admire My Skin Vitamin C oil found to be one among the best oil for Gua Sha massage. Because it contains Vitamin C and Vitamin E in, it can also be the best oil for sensitive skin. 

best oil for sensitive skin

Besides, under this Admire My Skin oil, the Argan oil, and rosehip oil are also effective ingredients. This oil is an organic facial oil that also accords a perfect dewy, and youthful glow to the skin. 


  • Reduces fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation 
  • Bestows healthy dewy and youthful glow to the dull and dry skin
  • Some finds it less effective on their skin

9. TruSkin Vitamin C Serum for Face 

Suitable To: all dry, oily, combination, sensitive, and normal skin type            

Active ingredients: Vitamin C, botanical Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, Jojoba Oil

Function: brighten, calm & protect skin

Additional: Eliminates dark Spots, fine lines & Wrinkles as well as even skin tone, 

TruSkin Vitamin C serum for the face is the best serum for Gua Sha massage. Because it is infused with all the properties that help the skin to brighten, hydrate, and calm.

best oil to use with gua sha

Such as Aloe vera, Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E, and Jojoba oil. Moreover, the TruSkin face serum includes Vitamin C which helps the skin to even the tone. As well as brighten the skin along with neutralizing free radicals. 


  • Reduces dark spots, dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles due to vitamin c 
  • Made with vegan and cruelty-free formula
  • Some find it, not suitable for dry skin

10. Sefudun One-X Gua Sha Massage set 

Suitable To: dry skin type            

Active ingredients: rose oil, vitamin C

Function: keeps the skin healthy and glowy 

Additional: smoothen and even the skin texture and tone

 Here, Sefudun One-X brought the best oil for Gua Sha massage along with the best serum for Gua Sha. Moreover, it is a complete skincare set that includes the Gua Sha tool along with those products.

best oil to use with gua sha

So, for facial massage, it becomes easy when all tools, rose oil, and vitamin C serum are available in one set. Thus, it is better to choose One-X for the tool, essential face Oil, and Serum Gua Sha Pack. Because it is also a great skincare set for anti age, wrinkles, and dark spots. 

best oil to use with gua sha


  • Reduces hyperpigmentation caused by pollution, age, and sun exposure
  • Effective for dry skin to moisturize
  • Expensive due to the availability of three products in one set

11. Premium Nature Pomegranate Seed Face Oil

  • Suitable For: dry skin type      
  • Active ingredient: Pomegranate seed 
  • Function: Soften the skin as well as improves skin radiance
  • Additional: suitable for face, hair and body

Premium Nature pomegranate seed oil is quickly absorbed in the skin and accords radiant skin. Moreover, it is 100% pure unrefined cold-pressed carrier oil for essential oils.

best oil to use with gua sha

The essential oil diluted to this pomegranate extract carrier oil helps the skin to bestow better and more effective results in Gua Sha massage. Thus, it is the best oil to use with Gua Sha massage tool for better results. 


  • Lightweight and best oil for sensitive skin as involved organic ingredient
  • Vegan and BPA-free
  • The smell is quite unpleasant 

12. KOA LIFE Anti-Aging Set  

  • Suitable To: mature and rough skin types          
  • Active ingredient: Jasmine 
  • Function: hydrates skin 
  • Additional: leads dry dull skin to glow

Koa Life anti-aging set is available here with the best oil to use with Gua Sha massage stone which is a tool. This fountain of youth oil is rich in anti-aging properties that result in hydrating skin without clogging the pores.

best oil for gua sha

Also, it can act as a face serum. Thus, we can say it can be the best serum for Gua Sha massage. 


  • Lightweight oil
  • Natural, Doctor-Formulated, Vegan, Cruelty & Chemical Free
  • Quite expensive 

13. Neutriherbs Jade Roller and Gua Sha Set 

  • Suitable To: all skin types          
  • Active ingredient: vitamin c 
  • Function: Tightens, brighten and hydrates skin
  • Additional: moisturizes skin along with reducing puffiness and wrinkles 

To make your skin relax and boost with the Gua Sha massage tool and face serum. So, here we have this Neutriherbs jade roller and Vitamin C Serum for face massage.

best oil for gua sha

Also, a jade stone with 3 in 1 kit skincare set is available for better skincare results. Lastly, this is also the best oil for sensitive skin or face serum that helps in skin tightening. 


  • Increases skin elasticity
  • Improves lymphatic drainage
  • Costly due 3 in-1 kit

14. Amaki Japanese Tsubaki Oil 

  • Suitable For: dry skin types          
  • Active ingredients: Chamomile, jojoba, lavender, and vitamin E 
  • Function: rejuvenate damaged skin
  • Additional: accords radiant complexion 

If you have dry or sensitive skin the first thing you should expect is organic formula. So, you can apply the Amaki Japanese Tsubaki face oil for Gua Sha massage to rejuvenate the damaged skin.

best oil for gua sha

Not only this is the best serum for anti-aging skin. But, also the best oil for sensitive skin. Because it includes Jojoba oil, vitamin E, and chamomile it hardly has negative effects on the skin. Also, it is suitable for those who are willing to repair sun-damaged skin, uneven complexion, fine lines, and aging. 


  • Moisturizes and hydrates skin very well
  • No more dull or flaky skin 
  • Less content as per the range

15. Mad Hippie Antioxidant Facial Oil 

  • Suitable To: oily, sensitive, acne-prone and normal skin type      
  • Active ingredients: Vitamin E and Argan oil
  • Function: hydrates and moisturizes the skin in a natural way
  • Additional: soothes and revitalizes

Not only to massage and keep the skin moisturized, but, also Mad Hippie is one among the best oil to use with Gua Sha. 

best oil for gua sha

Because it has antioxidant properties that helps the skin to eliminate wrinkles and early age signs from skin. As well as it helps the skin to get rid of acne scars. 


  • Formulated with vegan and cruelty-free 
  • Essential antioxidants for anti-wrinkles
  • Even the best oil for sensitive skin types due to the above reason 

Right Way to Choose Face Oil:

Look at the factors below to consider before choosing the right and the best face oil for Gua Sha massage. Such are as follows, 

1. Skin type– It’s quite basic that not all types of oil will suit the skin of everyone. Like the best oil for sensitive skin might not be suitable for oily, dry, or combination skin. Because every person has a different skin type and suitability. So, before buying the best oil for Gua Sha, first mention your skin type. 

Best face oil for gua sha

2. Texture – Like skin type, every person has a different texture and skin behavior. Skin texture can be smooth, soft, rough, dry, uneven, acne, and clogged pores. Sometimes some oils will not be as effective on one’s skin as act on others. Thus, as per the skin texture also, one should select the kind of oil or best serum for Gua Sha. 

3. Ingredients – Definitely, ingredients included in oils are also a great influencer for selecting the best face oil for Gua Sha. Because oils include such ingredients in them that might a person Allergan of.

Best face oil for gua sha

Like, Some best face oils for Gua Sha include orange to clear and brighten the skin. But, a person Allergan of such orange can’t apply it. So, choose the right face oil while considering this ingredients factor also. 

Further, to know about face oils for Gua Sha massage, here two types of oils that have equal benefits to use it. Such are as follow, 

4. Carrier oils – Carrier oils are oils that can apply directly to the skin and also can dilute essential oils in it easily. Also, a carrier oil is pressed from nuts, seeds, and vegetables. Carrier oils have nutrients and vitamins in them that offer benefits to the skin. Besides, for Gua Sha, carrier oils offer skin to settle comfortably with healthy solution benefits. 

5. Essential oils – Essential oils are jojoba oil, hemp seed oil, and grapeseed oil. This essential oil is the best face oil for Gua Sha as it also acts better on the skin. Besides, it helps the skin to glide the oil easily for Gua Sha massage. As well as it balances the natural oil production of the skin. This way it offers benefits to the skin for Gua Sha massage. 

Best face oil for gua sha

Furthermore, it is important to use natural and high-quality oils for the skin during this Gua Sha massage. Because, every skin have a different skin type, texture, and quality. So, according to the skin requirements and for better results, the best face oil for Gua Sha must chosen. 


1. Why should I use a face oil with Gua Sha? 

Face oil helps to soften and smoothen the skin surface. As a result, face oil helps the Gua Sha tool to glide over the skin better and effectively. Thus, you should use a best face oil for Gua Sha. 

2. Are there any ingredients I should avoid in face oils for Gua Sha?

Definitely, unnatural, parabens included, mineral oils and Allergan ingredients should be avoided in face oils for Gua Sha. 

3. Can I use Gua Sha if I have Sensitive or acne-prone skin? 

Yes, surely you can use Gua Sha if you have sensitive or acne-prone skin type. Because it helps to clear the skin by making proper blood flow and circulation better. 

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