The 15 Best Eyeshadows For Older Women: Get Anti-Aging Look

Feeling bad because you have turned aged and most importantly your look is highlighting the fact in front of other people? Don’t get stressed! We guarantee you that age is just a number and some eyeshadows can prove it.

Don’t believe us? Well! Try these fifteen best eyeshadow for older women that we selected for you after intensive research and experience the youthful looks they shower on you. Feeling eager to enjoy those age-defying appearances? Then, let’s proceed!

15 Best Eyeshadow For Mature Eyes:

To help you in your decision regarding picking up the right and result-oriented eyeshadows, we have here covered all the best eyeshadow for older women that are bestselling in the market and are the apples of every mature beautician’s eyes. Keep reading…

1. Julep Waterproof Powder Eye Make-Up Stick

Are your eyeshadows looking like musty drapes on your eyes instead of luxurious curtains? Has your old age made your eyes look dull? Hey! It’s time to switch your old eyeshadows with the trending and ageless Julep Champagne shimmer!

This matte creme-to-powder eyeshadow stick is one of the best eye shadow for mature skin, whose rich color glides on, and the waterproof formula prevents your surrounding eye areas from getting creased.


  • The product is lighter in intensity with a buildable wash of colors
  • Built-in smudger for blending the colors
  • The waterproof powder finish makes the eyeshadow glide smoothly and refutes the need for any brush


  • Comprises naturally effective ingredients such as vitamins C and E
  • Fast and effortless application
  • Survives up to 8 or 9 hours


  • The product is quite expensive

2. L.A. COLORS 5, Nude Suede Matte Eyeshadow

Wanna paint your eyes with soft and cozy colors with the best eyeshadow for older women that will enhance your imperishable look? Then, L.A. COLORS 5 blendable eye-colors palette is your ideal choice.

This cream plus matte grey eyeshadow palette comes with an array of colors ranging from neutral to bold and is perfect for creating the exact look you desire. The product comes with the benefit of an applicator and will look silky on your eyes.


  • The product is available in powder form
  • Comprises 5 intense colors in the box
  • The colors are matte finish


  • The colors are smooth to apply
  • The shades are perfectly coordinated for highlighting your eyes in a sexy way


  • The product is not paraben free and comprises Methylparaben in it.

3. COVERGIRL Trunaked Eyecolors Palette

Love both glittery and matte shades of eyeshadows? Then this Glitter + Matte eyeshadow palette, one of the best matte eyeshadow palette for mature eyes, is cultivated just for you!

The palette will land you in a world of endless possibilities. You will find its colors (neutral shades) universally flattering, that are made for getting blended with each other. Just mix and match the shades and get your flawless youthful look effortlessly.

Whether you want a dramatic look for the evening party or a smoky eyes look for a romantic date, the eyeshadow palette will cover you up. 


  • The eyeshadow colors are intensely pigmented for mastering any stunning look
  • Comprises 8 shades of colors (including glittery, matte, and shimmery shades)
  • Suits best with COVERGIRL’s LashBlast Volume + Perfect Slice Eyeliner
  • The product comes in powder format


  • The product is cruelty-free
  • It’s dermatologically tested
  • The colors are blendable


  • The product’s label doesn’t declare it gluten-free

4. The Blushed Nudes Eyeshades By Maybelline

Here’s another expertly curated eyeshadow palette for your imperishable eye makeup looks. The product is New York-based and has a record of being one of the best eyeshadow for older women as well.

Imbued with metallic gold hues, this best eyeshadow for mature eyes looks versatile and comes in neutral shades. It’s so result-oriented that within a few days, you will get back the infinite sensuous looks of your young age.


  • The product has 12 dazzling shades
  • Gives highly pigmented looks
  • Arrives in powder form
  • The product gets removed at night with the application of a soothing make-up remover.
  • Comes in both matte + shimmer shades


  • Blendable power, ideal for mix and match technique
  • Gives you versatile looks
  • Comes with two double-ended sponge applicators
  • The product is economical


  • The sponge applicator is not of high quality.

5. Erinde 10 Color Eye Makeup Palette

Wanna forget your seasoned look and drown in the enjoyment of achieving a sexy and bold look in your eyes? Then, forget to go for only a matte grey eyeshadow palette and choose this one.

Erinde 10 color eye makeup palette comprises multicolored shades and will sincerely work on the process of giving you hot and beautiful eyeshadowed looks. The product suits every skin type and is not allergic.

The small size and weight of the product lead to the reduction of carbon emissions up to some extent.


  • Comes in matte, glittery, metallic, and shimmery hues
  • The product makes you look versatile
  • Available in powder form
  • Smooth in texture


  • The product is “Climate Pledge Friendly” and cruelty-free
  • Intensely pigmented
  • Gives natural looks
  • Ultra-blendable
  • Comes with a double-headed brush
  • It’s waterproof
  • Long-lasting
  • Suits all skin tones


  • The case of the eyeshadow palette is a bit tight to open.

6. Revlon 505 Impressionist Eye Contour Kit

Want to get immutable and timeless photo-ready eye makeup looks with the best eyeshadow for older women? Then, go ahead with your contoured eye makeup with Revlon’s PhotoReady creamy pigmented peach + beige + brown + matte grey eyeshadow palette.

The smoothening and softening effect this product creates on your skin is really impressive. Suitable for dry skin, this product may be listed among the best matte eyeshadow palette for mature eyes. So, grab this palette now and be ready to influence everyone with your multiple seductive looks. 


  • Comprises 8 shades
  • Comprises both shadow and sparkle shades
  • The wet/dry formula gives intense colors and a soft feel
  • Comes with a double-ended brush that gives optimal application precision as well as control


  • Comes with a primer for building the perfect foundation¬†
  • Tested by Ophthalmologist
  • Fits perfectly with every eye color
  • Comprises lots of glitters


  • The product is not chemical and paraben free.

7. LAURA GELLER Eye Make-Up Palette

Craving for pigmented and shimmery multicolored plus matte grey eyeshadow palette for your eyes? Then, this New York-based LAURA GELLER Eye makeup palette, the best eye shadow for mature skin, maybe your ideal fit.

The impressive summer blockbuster encompasses thirty-one baked eye color shades that offer a crease-proof and sophisticated makeup look to your eyes, enough for leaving anyone spellbound at the very first glance.


  • The product comprises 31 shades of eye colors
  • Gives a matte, satin, shimmery or frosty metallic finishes 


  • Easy to carry while traveling
  • They give you crease-proof eye makeup
  • Pigmented colors
  • Pocket friendly


  • The matte colors are too light in appearance.

8. Bestland Natural Nude Pigmented Eyeshadow Palettes

What if your eyeshadow palette features glossy colors and nourishing ingredients together? It’s amazing to hear, right? Well! That’s what these palettes of Bestland eyeshadows do.

They are the best eyeshadow for mature eyes whose colors takes care of the skin surrounding your eyes and at the same time, gives your eyes a brilliant look.

Each of the two palettes of eyeshadows comprises 12 nude shades or colors that will either give you a zero makeup look or a smoky eye makeup look. The package also comprises a make-up brush in it.


  • The products are safely packaged
  • Gives you a super soft feeling
  • Excellent ductility and strong adhesive power
  • Can last the whole day


  • Skin-friendly
  • Cruelty-free
  • Great quality hypoallergic
  • East to apply and wash the colors after use
  • The colors are waterproof


  • The product contains methylparaben and Propylparaben in it.

9. Vodisa Long Lasting Blendable Eye Palette

Obsessed with warm, nude, or smoky eyes? Then, this highly pigmented beauty powder palette is made for being your sexy eyes’ secret. The product comes with some eye makeup brushes that perfectly blend the colors over and under your eyes to give you a seamless photo-ready finish.

This best matte eyeshadow palette for mature eyes comprises 19 colors of matte shades, though it comprises 6 shimmery shades in it as well. Whether you need subtle eye makeup or a hot and smouldering one, this eyeshadow palette containing the 25 sexy eye colors will cover them up all.


  • Smooth powder with a soft texture
  • Comes in combinations of mattes, shimmers, and flickers
  • The colors balance both cool and warm hues


  • Waterproof colors
  • 6 pieces of eye makeup brushes are available with this kit
  • Highly durable


  • Comprises talc powder that may be sensitive to some people’s skin.

10. Julep 101 Eye Make-Up Pro Powder Palette

Blendable and buildable eyeshadows always attract the eyes of everyone instantly and that’s why Julep 101 Eye Make-Up Pro Powder Palette is so popular as the best eye shadow for mature skin.

This palette’s shades of rose gold are a combination of matte plus shimmer and are available as powder eyeshadows. The smoothening and integrating features of these eyeshadows work great on any old woman’s skin as well. That’s why it’s seen as the best eyeshadow for older women.


  • Polished and blendable
  • 5 Matte shades + 2 Shimmer shades
  • The colors are multidimensional that gives a variety of eye makeup looks


  • Easy to use
  • Goes with all skin tones
  • Long-wearing colors
  • Cruelty-free
  • Travel friendly


  • May not be good for people with sensitive eyes

11. Revlon Colorstay Day To Night Eyeshadow:

Here’s another game changer, one of the trendsetting and best eyeshadow for mature eyes that gives you a velvety feel. The product gives you a blendable matte and glittery finish on your eyes that every woman yearns to get.

The product’s true color gives you an unapologetic expression, no matter what the setting is. Its transitional shades, filled with high pigments give you a variety of looks (subtle to dramatic) on different occasions.


  • Soft and sophisticated
  • Gives you low-key chic looks during the day and highly dramatic and luxurious looks at night
  • Powder-cream hybrid formula
  • High-quality bold eyeshadows


  • Crease-free
  • Doesn’t fade away easily
  • Smooth, easy, and effortless to apply
  • Smudge-free
  • Stays for 16-24 hours


  • The eye colors disintegrate into powders easily once they are touched with an application wand.

12. Urban Decay Ultra Blendable Naked3 Palette

Looking for an eyeshadow palette that features extreme blendability along with velvety texture and long-lasting effects? Look no further than Urban Decay Ultra Blendable Naked3 Eyeshadow Palette.

Being one of the best matte eyeshadow palette for mature eyes, this product covers up almost everything you wish. With this palette, you will get 12 rose-toned neutral shades in ultra-smooth mattes, flashing metallics, and glorious pearls.

Also, this best eye shadow for mature skin fits perfectly with every woman’s eye colors and skin tones. 


  • Matte + Shimmer+opaque
  • Rich color payoff
  • Extreme blendability


  • Gives durable eye makeup
  • Paraben-free
  • Phthalate free
  • Sulfate-free
  • Comes with brush
  • Cruelty-free


  • None

13. HOLIKA 01 Mature Peach My Fave Vibe Eyeshadows

Are you a woman who had been in love with a matte grey eyeshadow palette for so long? Then, try something new and feminine like peach with HOLIKA 01 Mature Peach My Fave Vibe Eyeshadows, and watch the difference!

It’s an eye-makeup kit that’s always listed among the best matte eyeshadow palette for mature eyes. The eye palette comes in travel size and gives you a natural finish.


  • Matte + shimmer + glitter
  • Available in matte shades
  • Blends out perfectly


  • Pocket friendly
  • Soft texture


  • It’s not vegan
  • Overly soft leading to too much fallout
  • May not last the whole day

14. Focallure Rose Hangover Eye Brightening Set

Do you always keep on looking for the best eyeshadow for mature eyes that’s also time-saving? Your search ends here!

Focallure Rose Hangover Eye Brightening Eyeshadow Sticks are amazing eye makeup kits that blend perfectly with your skin and their gorgeous pigments give you the feel of the most beautiful lady in the world. Just twist them and use them…isn’t it so simple?


  • Matte + shimmer + luminous + metallic + natural types
  • Creamy and soft texture
  • Also works as an eye shadow highlighter
  • Time-saving


  • Durable
  • Waterproof
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Cruelty-free


  • None

15. LUXAZA Quartz Eyeshadow Pencil Make-Up Kit

Here’s another time-saving eye makeup set that is the best eye shadow for mature skin. It blends beautifully with any skin and that too without any smudging or creasing. It also comes off effortlessly once you try to remove it without creating any irritation to your eyes.


  • Available in matte + natural + shimmer types
  • Blendable and smooth
  • Lasts for 12 hours or more
  • Sticks don’t melt even when exposed to a temperature of 120 degrees Celsius.


  • Eyeshadows are creamy and not powdery (so no chance of their disintegration into powders)
  • They are smudge-proof
  • Long-lasting
  • Waterproof


  • None

Choosing The Right Formulas:

As you turn old, your entire face, especially the upperside and lower sides of your eyes starts exhibiting it without any compromise, with your eyelids turning delicate.

Also, the wrinkles over and under your eyes and the black circles surrounding the eyes become difficult to hide. So, selecting the right eyeshadow formulas that are suitable for older women becomes very important.

The best eyeshadow for older women available in the market can hide all those wrinkles and black circles immediately and gives you a limitless glow that you have secretly craved for so long. Cream-based eyeshadows are often preferred over powder ones by beauty experts as they are less likely to settle into fine lines and wrinkles and provide a smoother application.

Wrapping Up:

So, which of the above do you think is the best eyeshadow for older women? Whichever it may be, don’t forget to share with us your thought about it once you try it. Bye for now!


1. Should older women avoid shimmer and glitter eyeshadows?

No, older or aged women should never think of avoiding shimmer and glitter eyeshades. First of all, shimmery and glittery eyeshadows look good on every woman, irrespective of their age. Secondly, they are perfect for hiding ages.

The glittery and shimmery eye makeup shades will make you look youthful even when your age is more than 60 years. The only condition for it is that you have to use it appropriately.

2. Can older women wear colorful eyeshadows?

Yes, even women over 40 can wear colorful eyeshadows like teenagers or youngsters. However, they must do the thing tastefully so that their makeup doesn’t look gross. First, select a sparkleless shadow since it tends to accentuate the creases and lines surrounding your eyes.

Apply the shadow to your eyelids only rather than extending it above your crease line to get a cool look. Always use your finger to gently press the eye color in for getting a dense finish without any smudges.

3. How can I make my eyes look more lifted and awake?

Looking naturally attractive is important and to do so you have to make your eyes appear awake and more lifted than before. The things are possible only through-

Eye muscle exercises (a natural remedy for sagging eyelids and eyebrows):
1. Put your fingers below your eyebrows
2. Lift them gradually
3. Hold them in that position for ten seconds
4. Now, release your skin
5. Repeat the exercise 3 times per day or more

24-hour eyebrow setter:
Using a good brow gel sets your eyebrows upward artificially. However, the process doesn’t give you permanent results. It only lasts for 24 hours.

Painting your eyebrows with eyeliner:
Painting your brows with an eyeliner pencil and then extending them upwards makes your eyebrows look lifted.

4. Can I wear eyeshadow if I have sensitive eyes?

Yes, you can definitely wear eyeshadows even if your eyes are sensitive. The only thing that you have to keep in mind is that you have to choose a cream eyeshadow for it and not a powder eyeshadow. This is because powder eyeshadows may result in allergic reactions to your sensitive eyes.

Also, the talc present in powder eyeshadow is an irritant that can scratch or irritate your eyes’ surfaces. It’s not the case with any cream eyeshadow. They are harmless for your eyes.

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