12 Types of Beautiful Eyeshadow look you should try

Types of Beautiful Eyeshadow look you should try

Are you a makeup lover? So you have come to the right place, Today we are going to tell you 12 Beautiful Eyeshadow looks.

Which you can use in daily life, Occasion, Club Party, Wedding and so on.


When it comes to makeup, there’s no field more rich or amenable to experimentation than eyeshadow.

As we all know, eyeshadow makes our makeup stand out. So many women get confused about eyeshadow color combinations, so let us remove this problem of theirs too.


There are endless ways to go bang with your eyes and we have some unique eyeshadow makeup looks for you. 

1. Glam purple shade Eyeshadow

This pretty purple eyeshadow look will inspire you to try new makeup techniques for an entirely new and beautiful eyeshadow look.

social ornament beautiful Eyeshadow look 2022
social ornament beautiful Eyeshadow look 2022

It is also a color often associated with royalty, nobility, luxury, and power. We love the color combination of white glitter and purple as it will suit everyone. Eyes like this would be perfect for any occasion, party, and so on places.

2. Gold and Purple Eyeshadow look

A smoky, smudgy dramatic purple eye? we’ll take it. When you want to wear more eye-catching eye makeup than usual, it’s never a bad idea to mix shades of light to dark purple on the eyes.

social ornament beautiful Eyeshadow look 2022

And then apply golden color eyeshadow on it, which will make your eyes look very attractive. And also apply bold black eyeliner which will lift your eyes.

3. Brown and Gold soft eye makeup

This beautiful eyeshadow-oriented look uses brown and gold eyeshadows that are blended together. Remember, blending is important.

It is a subtle yet festive look that looks very beautiful. Use a thin and flat brush to mash the eyeshadow. Swipe on some mascara and eyeliner to complete the look!

4. Superb glam Cat Eye Makeup

To date, the cat-eye is one of the most classic eyeliner techniques that has been recreated by many MUAs and influencers as well as updated with their new techniques.

social ornament beautiful Eyeshadow look 2022

Just one eyeliner can make your eyes shine, this eye makeup is suitable in everyday life too.

Glitter adds a great sparkle to everyday makeup, and if paired with a classic cat-eye, it can make you stand out in a certain way.

5. Bold Blue Eye Makeup

The blue color is bright, glam, and unique. The look has been finished off with vibrant blue glitter and beautiful lashes.

social ornament beautiful Eyeshadow look 2022
social ornament beautiful Eyeshadow look 2022

Blue color would make it bolder and would be perfect for a fall wedding. You can wear this look at a wedding, it’s a beautiful eyeshadow wedding makeup look.

You can also use different shades of eyeshadow as per your choice.

6. Nude Makeup Eyeshadow look

Sometimes less is more and this is true with this makeup look. The eyes also have a classic eyeliner flick with natural lashes.

This makeup is so easy to wear. This beautiful eyeshadow looks amazing all day. It basically looks like your skin with raised eyebrows and feathers.  You can adapt this look in your everyday life as well.  You can complete this look with a perfect bold eyeliner.

7. Pink glitter lid with a Neutral crease

Want a look that is pink, soft, and pretty? Then you will like this beautiful eyeshadow look very much. The pink really stands out, it has a mix of glitter and pink.

social ornament beautiful Eyeshadow look 2022

This is a romantic beautiful eyeshadow look that will make your date look amazing. complete your gorgeous eyeshadow look with bold black eyeliner and eyelashes.

8. Bronze glitter linear

Level up your look with these beautiful eyeshadow looks. When it comes to eye makeup, we get drawn to a set of gorgeous glitter eyes like moths.

social ornament beautiful Eyeshadow look 2022
social ornament beautiful Eyeshadow look 2022

This high-impact, spacey glitter look reflects all the light around you, illuminating your eyelids from sunset to night and everything in between. It gives a very spectacular and bold look in appearance. This is such a glam idea and can be worn with any lip color.

9. Multicolor Eyeshadow look

Give your eyes a professional look This beautiful eyeshadow look will make you stand out. This eye makeup look is neither difficult nor easy. 

social ornament beautiful Eyeshadow look 2022

If you know how to handle your brush, you can easily cross. Make sure that both the aqua and berry shades are right up to your crease line.

Finally, to complete the look, apply black gel or liquid eyeliner to your lash line.

10. Feline Minty green liner and Eyeshadow metallics

Eyeshadow trends come and go, but trying out new beauty looks will definitely last forever. There’s nothing to feel insecure about when rocking this green beautiful eyeshadow look.

social ornament beautiful Eyeshadow look 2022

Green is usually not the first color when we want to create an everyday eyeshadow look but we can use this color for parties, occasions, and other places. Simply apply it like a liner and complete your gorgeous eyeshadow look by applying mascara.

11. Icy Blue Eye Makeup

This beautiful eyeshadow look is simple, you can make it yourself, first apply it on the eyelid with a flat brush and spread it well.

social ornament beautiful Eyeshadow look

Use a highlighter under your brow line and on the inner corners of your eyes.  Apply black liner in a winged effect. Use an indigo liner on your waterline to complete the look.

The blue eye makeup looks elegant in any costume.

12. Sparkly Blue Eyeshadow look

There is one thing we can never get enough of – blue eyeshadow! Blue eyeshadow is one of the prettiest colors on the palette, comes in a wide variety of shades.

social ornament beautiful Eyeshadow look 2022

Add some sparkle to take a simple blue eyeshadow look and make it glam instantly. This is a simple yet stylish look that you can easily create with the help of some white and shimmery blue eyeshadow.

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