25+ Creative Back Hand Mehndi Designs to Try Today!

Ladies craving for some intricate mehndi designs this festive season? This time you can try something elegant but in the simplest way possible with backhand mehndi. When it comes to celebration, countries like India, and Pakistan have a common ritual of laying aesthetic front and back hand mehndi design.

Back Hand Mehndi Designs

Particularly with backhand henna designs, you have to be careful about the style, and simplicity to make sure it doesn’t look too much. Let’s check out some celebrity’s chosen mehndi designs for both the backside of your hands-

1.  Complete Floral Back Hand Design

No Mehndi look can ever be complete, without adding some floral charms. You can think of two to three major floral artworks along with minor chained flowers in this backside mehndi design. Here’s a pro tip: Wear knuckles or tea rings to complement the henna work.

2. Motif Work Mehndi Design

If you count yourself among brides who don’t like flashy design works, perhaps you can try motif designs. Unlike heavy artworks, these motif work designs are simple and follow a particular pattern on the back-hand side. You can twin your motif Mehndi according to your lehenga embroideries.

3. New Grid Mehndi Work

As a bride, you must be the center of attention for all your guests, so don’t follow some boring mehndi style. These backside mehndi designs are quite popular for their balance of floral and leaf designs. You can personalize the work by patterning it with your would-be fiance’s name initials.┬á

4. Bombay Style Mehndi Style

Bombay Style Mehndi Style

We can feel that your heart is beating fast after checking out this gorgeous Bombay Mehndi style. Your hands will look stunning with this prolonged mehndi work. So, don’t wait to captivate your wedding guests with this precious magnum opus.

5. Full Back Side Mehndi Design

Girls like to have full hands covered with some elegant mehndi works. Here’s an exclusive check backside Mehndi idea for them. To keep it simple, you don’t even have to draw swirls to make it look stylish. Only repetitive check works will make it appear unique.

6. Half Back Hand Mehndi Design

Half Back Hand Mehndi Design

These net motif semi-backhand mehndi designs are simply obsessive. Even brides who want to try off-beat-hand looks can give it a shot. Wear cuff jewelry to fulfill these astonishing looks. Even a full-sleeve blouse will pair amazingly with the artwork.

7. Intricate Designed Mehndi

 Intricate Designed Mehndi

For those who like dreamy mehndi works, for them, such minor details matter a lot. This exclusive work is perfect for beginners and professionals likewise. In minutes, you can transform your backhand canvas into delicate beauty.

8. Classic Rose theme Mehndi Work

Some designs never get old and out of fashion. The classic rose theme henna work nostalgically reminds the grand old days. With these obsessing rose petals and wrist-covered mandala art, you don’t even have to wear heavy bangles to outshine others.

9. Contemporary Mehndi Design

Some Mehndi designs are truly praiseworthy. These asymmetric floral designs are both unique and fashionable in the true sense. So, with or without nail paints, such artwork will look mesmerizing.

10. Bold Back Hand Mehndi Idea

If you are looking for some simple back hand mehndi design, then freely count this idea. Such designs are easy to replicate without too many artistic twists and turns. So, when running out of time then design your backhand with aesthetic ideas.

11. Regular Patterned Mehendi

Regular Patterned Mehendi

Don’t hesitate and blindly follow your fantasy. You can experiment with two to three regular patterned designs and bring them to reality. Be it the Chandelier design or the lotus along with leafy patterns, you can have it all in the backside of your hand.

12. Trendy Indian Mehndi Design

The special mehndi you choose shows your unique personality. This floral pattern innovative mehndi is perfect for brides looking to add extra glamour to their look. Don’t miss out, because it’s just what you need in one go!

13. Made for Each Other Mehndi Look

Made for Each Other Mehndi Look

The grand wedding day is here. So, there’s nothing wrong with making your mehendi look dramatic on this D-Day. You can inscribe your hubby’s name or some filmy lines to make your quirky mehndi work stand out. Wear a handful of bangles to get the ideal bridal getover.

14. Lite Fashionable Mehndi Idea

Those who don’t want to fully cover up their backhand and palm should experiment with lite mehndi designs. These designs are easily doable with simple strokes and blends. You can wear heavy ornaments to complement the simple back hand mehndi design.

15. Snowy Grid Mehndi Work

Winter months are still not over, so why not add some flakes and a snowy vibe to your Mehndi designs? These white backhand mehndi works will look cool and beautiful for Gen Z brides. You can plan interesting color duos like white and red, white and pink to bring the ethnic feel.

16. Minimalist Mehndi Designs for Back Hand

Minimalist Mehndi Designs for Back Hand

Some minimalist designs look cool and pretty for your backhand, and this one is no exception. Taking a break from typical embellished patterns, you can bring into reality this surreal look. The mehndi work is a blend of modern and traditional motifs, making it ideal for all ages.

17. Dreamy Arabian Mehndi

Dreamy Arabian Mehndi

Arabian mehndi has splendid beauty even in its simplest designs. You can decorate both your front and back hands with this enriching design. Any outfit be it a simple saree or a gorgeous sharara, the pretty back hand mehndi design will rob hearts.

18. Basic Check Mehndi Design

On a monotonous dull day, give yourself some much-needed pampering with these basic grid mehndi. Even in floral simplistic form, your backhand will appear mesmerizing. Such minimal design will dry out quickly so there’s a lesser chance of your backhand getting all messy.

19. Aesthetic Back-Hand Mehndi Idea

Aesthetic Back-Hand Mehndi Idea

If you like layered mehendi designs then you will like this idea. From mandala work to grid style, you will find all works blended in a single mehndi idea. Depending on your choice, have it up to your wrist or the impressive full-hand look.

20. Divine Mehndi Look

Divine Mehndi Look

You must be hunting for some auspicious designs that justify your festive mood. Unlike bridal full-hand mehndi, if you need something tentative but worth doing, then replicate the style. You can also add stone motifs to make your hands appear ravishing.

21. Bloomy Centrepiece Mehendi

Bloomy Centrepiece Mehendi

You can follow your statement style with this simple centerpiece mehndi work. It’s convenient for those who want to keep it minimal due to less time. Just create an outline and imitate the same pattern to have a stunning backhand mehndi design.

22. Pretty Floral Mehendi

Pretty Floral Mehendi

Those who want to get the feel of pretty mehendi without spending hours in the salon will dote on this idea. Try different colors or styles to have a holistic floral pattern mehndi look. Also, how about some French nail tips with a simplistic design?

23. Do it Yourself Mehndi Style

Do it Yourself Mehndi Style

For those who love doodling here and there, perhaps it’s time to show your artistry in the backside of your hand. From realistic bloomed flowers to colorful butterflies, you can shape your imagination in the best way possible. Also, apply the bright mehndi to your nail tips, to make them look appealing.

24. Bordered Mehndi Design

Bordered Mehndi Design

These days shenanigans are loving the bordered Mehndi design idea. It is not only dreamy but also not too complicated to imitate. For your bordered backhand mehndi design, you can also think of curves in place of straight lines.

25. Delicate Arabian Back Hand Mehendi

Delicate Arabian Back Hand Mehendi

It may be laborious to follow such a detailed Arabic design, but trust us it’s worth your effort at the end. For beginners, try to accomplish the design leaving gaps in between grids. Otherwise, it may look messy.

26. Bridal Day Mehndi Design

Bridal Day Mehndi Design

For your Sangeet, Sagai, or the much-awaited Haldi ceremony, you need some impressive bridal designs for sure. Not only the frontal side of your palm but your backhand designs should also meet your expectations. With your complicated design work, both crimson and pastel shades will be great.

Wrapping Up!

When deciding on the mehndi design the backhand usually gets less attention than needed. With such intricate to simplistic back hand mehndi design, you can serve your special bridal celebration day as graciously as possible. Stay updated to have more fashionable ideas with us!

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