11 Popular Ariana Grande Perfume Set: Choose Your Fragrance

When melody meets the aroma it would be magically wonderful. Ariana Grande the American singer needs no intro but her perfume brand deserves more exposure from the scent admirers across the world.

Ariana Grande Perfume Set

The Victorious Grande has recently opened the perfume brand which is a real treat for her fans.

As of now, all 11 Ariana Grande perfume types are inspired by her songs which gives another to have a detailed look into them. Know about the Ariana Grande perfume set below.

The Top 11 Ariana Grande Perfume Variations!

1. The classic Ari by Ariana Grande

Those who follow the brand, the artist would feel nostalgic about the Ari edition. It was released for the first time in 2015 and since then registered some unique craze.

Ariana Grande Perfume Set

Appealing with all the sexiness and pleasing tone the fragrance is made to touch any ultra-feminine floral heart. The base scent includes the sweetness of musk, marshmallow accord, and wood.

The sexy Ariana Grande perfume set is far more intense than any outsider can ever think of.

Ariana Grande Perfume Set
  • At the top layer, the freshness of juicy raspberries, pink grapefruit, and crispy pear will lure you.
  •  In the heart of the perfume lies the rose buds of the velvety vanilla orchid + the plush bouquet of soft Muguet.
  • The last layer is about dryness coming from the blonde woods, creamy mush, and the precious presence of marshmallows.

Our Take

For those who are long waiting for ultra-feminine flavor should order the perfume.
We have a complaint about Ari, Ariana Grande perfume- it does not last long and is kind of subtle by nature.

Besides, if you are a secret admirer of perfume bottles then you would be in love with the stunning bottle from every angle.

The bottle is thoughtfully crafted with signature design queues and also includes a white plush pom pom.

2. The Enriched Cloud Intense by Grande

The intense Ariana grande cloud perfume was added last year and never compromises with the enriched accords.

  • At the upper layer, the variants of Bergamot, Pear, and Lavender are present.
  • The middle layer is about indulgent Vanilla Orchids, Praline, and creme De coconut.
  • The sensual musk, ambox, blond woods, and the dry cashmeran solidify the perfume smell.

The navy blue glass bottle of the perfume is so cute and dreamy that you may feel about instantly grabbing it.

Our Take

The $98.75 worth bottle is good enough to give to your friends. Earlier, if you tried the cloud version then the 2.0 cloud one will feel more sensual and warm.

Trust us they will love the deep-rooted scent and guess what the smell won’t fade instantly! However, if you expect fewer variants in terms of flavor then maybe you prefer some alternatives.

3. The Fruitilicious Cloud by Ariana Grande perfume

When your tummy is not filled enough with the delights of fruits then why not feel the floral-fruity Gourmand fragrance with you?

Ariana Grande Perfume Set

The Ariana grande cloud perfume was introduced for the first time in 2018 and carries the Clement Gavarry smell.

Similar to the cloud intense collection, the three layers of the cloud contain a  mixture of Lavender, pear, lavender, coconut, and bergamot.

Ariana Grande Perfume Set

Our Take

When we tried out the sample bottle of Ariana Grande cloud perfume we were glad about the strong smell as if we were wearing some really expensive one.

But the nontester version for us failed to completely satisfy your needs. The smell is a bit alcoholic and does not even occupy a strong smell.

4. God is a Woman ariana grande amazon by Grande

To those for whom the smell of rose petals soothes the soul to them, the God is a woman, perfume range arrives in purple bottles.

Ariana Grande Perfume Set

If Ariana Grande perfumes are known for ultra-sweet fragrances, then you will find the 2021 edition as a deviation from the usual path. The three core layers would include

Ariana Grande Perfume Set

Our Take

As said earlier, who want a break from the typical sweet mystique, the feminine God is women’s perfume would be lite and easygoing for them.

However, again the complaint is about longevity. the strong aroma won’t sustain after 1 and half hours. The bottle presentation is also below the expectation.
  • The top opening layer and the heart of the scent are believed to be of halved sweet succulent pear with the powdery secret of rose petals and orris.
  • The base dry down you would enjoy the fusion of sandalwood and vanilla along with the finishing touches of the musky or smooth fruity duo. The soothing nature’s friendly fragrance is suitable for wearing after the October autumn during the morning chirpy springs.

5. Ariana Grande’s sweet-like candy Eau de Parfum

The original sweet-like-candy edition was launched in 2016 and encompasses a blend of black currant, jasmine, whipped cream, honeysuckle, and the bases of vanilla and cashmere wood.

Ariana Grande Perfume Set

The 50 ml Eau de parfum arrives in a standard peach pink bottle with pom pom.

Our Take

he longevity of the Ariana Grande perfume is impressive as it stays for four or more hours. The ideal season to carry the aroma is during summer or bloomy spring times.

If you think that sweetness may overpower the authenticity for you then have a look at cloud editions.

6. Sweet Like Candy limited edition

Let’s talk about the gorgeous red bottle first, it’s damn sexy! The radiant red bottle has edgy pyramid designs where the top of the bottle is tied with a red furry pom pom plush.

Ariana Grande Perfume Set

Trust us it’s enough to add value to your makeup desk. Now speaking about the sweet-like candy perfume, it indulges with the sweetness of red berries and the liberal addition of marshmallows. 

  • The top notes have bergamot, pear, and red berries;
  • In the heart lies Frangipani, Honeysuckle, and jasmine.
  • While the drydown endnotes are about blackberry, amber, musk, and marshmallow.

Our Take

The girly effect of the Grande perfume set makes it eligible to wear for every seasonal outing.

The freshness lies as it is for four to five hours straight so it’s a good one for perfume collectors. If you are lucky enough to find the limited edition then just grab it!

Treating a bit different from the originals, the candy perfume includes within it the riches of whipped cream, marshmallows, and of course red berries. Such a composition had turned out into a beautiful gourmet scent.

7. Ariana Grande Moonlight Perfume

Wanna have some alpha female vibe, the Ariana grande moonlight perfume is well suited to boost your confidence and supply more energy to you.

Ariana Grande Perfume Set

But that does not compromise with your obsession to wear femininity. Here’s what you will explore on opening each of the magic bottle notes-

  • In the opening layer, the black currant, and plum are ready to showcase the juiciness and sweetness alive.
  • The middle note as always is soft and powdery. The evident ingredients in the heart are the peony and soft marshmallow.
  • The base is evident with clues of warm amber and sensational vanilla drives.

Our Take

To awaken the boldness with the soft touches of femininity, Ariana Grande moonlight perfume will bring confidence to you.

Preferred to wear for October or cozy winter the grown-up smell well balances the sweetness of flora and fruits.

The packaging is again thoughtful enough with its arrival in pyramid-edged ivory or pink frosted glass bottles. And yes! A cute pom pom beautifies the look.

8. Ariana Grande  REM Perfume

Arriving in fully mystical packaging the glassy pyramid bottle of Ariana Grande rem perfume is ideal to present to anyone.

Ariana Grande Perfume Set

The soft scent is dedicated to the summer children out there. The REM edition was newly released in 2020 and overall created an amber vanilla aromatic presence.

  • The top note is the fusion of delicious juicy fig with fluffy marshmallow, fig, quince, and salty caramel.
  • The heart tells the story of pear and lavender blossoms.
  • The bottom note has fresh touches of sandalwood, musk, and Tonka bean.

Our Take

In one line if you are a mob pleaser then Ariana Grande rem perfume is only for you. This even lasts for five hours so would be a plus as a daytime scent.

9. The Vibrant Frankie by Grande

If you follow Ariana Grande perfume brand then you would know the 2016 classic Frankie edition was after her older stepdaughter Frankie.

Ariana Grande Perfume Set

The sugary and versatile blend of the vibrant perfume reflected their combined energy and dynamic persona.

The limited edition bottle comes in a lustrous silver pyramid-shaped glass bottle with a pom pom ball attached to it. The Eau De parfum top three notes include:

Ariana Grande Perfume Set
  • The opening note comprises the tests of sweet apricot and pear.
  • The middle layer is about cedar and wild orchid.
  • In the bottom crust, you will find the signature crystal sugar which is seductive enough to steal hearts.

Our Take

The Frankie Ariana Grande perfume set is unisex therefore you can gift even your male friends.

However, if you are someone who doesn’t want extra concentration on the perfume you are wearing then it’s not for you.

10. Ariana Grande Thank You Next perfume.

The theme behind the thank you next perfume launch is the roller coaster ride of everyone’s lifetime.

It tries to bring out the natural emotion of laughter, weeping, learning, and maturing through its confidence-building aromatic scent.

Ariana Grande Perfume Set

Built by perfumer Jérōme Epinette Ariana grande thank you next perfume was released in 2019. It keeps the jolliness in you alive with the sweet coconut fragrance.

  • The opening notes keep the flavor of sourness alive with the raspberry and pear juices.
  • Within the mid-range coconut and soft macaron scent there hides the essence of delicate rose.
  • The base note is about sensual musky tones which have sweeter layering.

Our Take

The mob-pleasing aspect of the Ariana grande thank you next perfume makes it evergreen and the favorite among teens.

The outstanding projection and sillage come with 5+ hours of strong lasting aroma. Overall you will also like the pink broken heart concept of the glass bottle.

11. Thank u next 2.0 amazon By Ariana Grande

The 2021 upgraded edition of the Ariana grande thank you next perfume has a fusion of fruity, woody, masks, and powdery essence. The three layers of the 2.0 edition include:

Ariana Grande Perfume Set
  • The opening delights retain femininity with juicy fruit delights of pomegranate and sweet fruit strawberries.
  • The heart of the perfume contains jasmine flowers and orchids.
  • The dry-down bottom is about sweet marshmallows, masks, and wood.

Our Take

Since it’s the 2.0 version, therefore, the perfume has a deeper coconut scent than the earlier released one. You can wear it on summer or spring days keeping in mind the 5+ hours of durability.

However, our only concern is that it’s a limited edition, and quite difficult to find the authentic one from online stores also.

End: You Want It, You Wear It!

The eleven Ariana Grande Perfume collections are terrific and each has its share of uniqueness.

Ariana Grande Perfume Set

The ingredients added to each glass bottle are natural extracts and keep the sweetness alive in multiple layers. So, order your favorite fragrance and celebrate your femininity today!


Q. What perfume does Ariana Grande wear?

Ariana Grande wears as well as celebrates with her fan the eleven exclusive editions of feminine perfumes.

Ariana Grande Perfume Set

From 2015 to 2021 the launched editions are Ari,  cloud and cloud intense, sweet like candy and the limited edition, REM, Frankie, moonlight, God is a Woman, and the two Thank you next collections. 

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