At Social Ornament we intend to present fashion, lifestyle, and affiliate content with honesty and integrity. Through our commitment to the accuracy of info and reviews, we try to keep our audience informed and updated about the ongoing trends. Through regular content, our sole intention is to make women and aspiring youths proud of what they are in reality.

Fashion is all about comfort and that is also our core belief. The advertisement policies reflect our honest motive and commitment towards integrity. It would be clear henceforth, on what kind of advertisement, affiliate program, and sponsored content this site partners with.

Social Ornament Believes in Transparency

The ultimate motive for all our featured ads, sponsored articles, and affiliate partnerships is to promote the right information. To stay true to our readers, all advertising content is labeled transparently either as “Sponsored”, “In Partnership with” or generally as “Advertisement”. Such an initiative makes our site transparent and specific about ad content and editorial ones.

Display Various Ads

We have every right to decide on the type of advertisements to be featured as well as the placement of ads on our site. If we find it appropriate, then can cancel or remove any ad from the site by sharing a prompt with the advertiser.

Peer-reviewed Sponsored Content

The Sponsored content is clearly distinguished from editorial ones. In the case of Sponsored content, it’s written in Partnership or Sponsored at the top. We may get compensation for sponsored publishes but even those contents are thoroughly reviewed by our editorial team. Those sponsored content align with our website goal.

Affiliate Marketing

Social Ornament team only collaborates with affiliate products and services that are in the best interest of the readers. We may receive compensation for the affiliate content but that’s not at the cost of our reader’s trust.

Our peet team evaluates the accuracy and genuineness of the product and services before publishing them. Besides all, every affiliate link is easily recognized with affiliate notice or disclosure.

Types of Sponsored Contents

Below we would like to mention the type of sponsored content, our site approves and they are not the same as our editorial articles. You can find them labeled as Sponsored by or Sponsored.

  • Sponsored content: Our site creates sponsored content that is relevant to the advertiser. Other than sharing a broader topic, the advertiser has no influencing role in this.
  • Brand Pages: Our site time to time may host pages with content by our sponsors. But our editors have no role to play in the content part.
  • Partnership Content: Social Ornament may partner with a specific brand/ sponsor and may feature their logo on our page. However, such content typically follows our integral guidelines. At times, they may instruct about specific themes or portions to be present in the content. Such partnered content specifically states “created in partnership with Brand name or logo”.
  • Native ads: If you open any Social ornament article, you may find native ads. This ad or links are present within the article and once clicked would navigate the viewers to other SO  pages or advertisement pages. But they are also clearly labeled for user clarity.
  • Social Media Sponsors: Social Ornament from time to time posts sponsor-related advertisements on their social media handles. But they are distinguished using hashtags like #partnerpromotion, #ads, etc.

We Don’t Entertain Specific Ads.

We believe in client service standards with integrity. Therefore, we never accept any suspicious, deceptive, offensive, or misleading ads. Some of the specific types of ads we try our best to avoid include-

  • Fraudulent ads and inappropriate ones.
  • Provocative ads that spread hatred, or encourage extreme isms including terrorism, racism, violence, or any kind of discrimination. Hatred toward age, sex, gender, or any disability is never tolerated.
  • Those ads breach the 3rd party Intellectual Property rights.
  • Addiction-related product ads including alcohol, drugs, or tobacco.
  • Ads or services related to pornography, gambling, and likely ones.
  • Any misleading ad or those emulating news or sudden emergencies.

Before approval, the advertisement should have clarity about the products and services they are offering. Any promotional content can never be editorial content.

Overall, our ad policy strictly follows the above-mentioned guidelines. Only those ads that align with the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle industries are chosen from our side for user display.