Social Ornament, established in 2021, is a resplendent beacon in the world of beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. Beyond being a mere digital magazine, we are your steadfast partner on the exciting journey of uncovering, refining and expressing your personal style, well-being, and way of life.

Our Global Reach

Social Ornament is a dynamic and inventive fashion and lifestyle magazine. While we cherish Dubai as our nurturing home, our influence extends far beyond, transcending boundaries to touch lives in the USA, UK, Germany, India, and across the globe. Our mission is clear and unwavering: we inspire and keep you in the know about the ever-evolving realms of beauty and fashion.

Approach to Beauty and Fashion

At Social Ornament, we don’t merely observe trends, we actively define them. Our seasoned team of experts is committed to providing you with comprehensive insights and guidance on everything from skincare, haircare, makeup, and fashion, to holistic well-being. We’re not just storytellers; we’re active participants in the ever-evolving world of fashion and beauty.

Nurturing Creativity and Talent

We have an unyielding passion for nurturing fresh talent and championing innovative brands. Within our digital magazine, you’ll discover the works of promising models, visionary photographers, imaginative makeup artists, pioneering fashion designers, and forward-thinking brands. Our purpose is to introduce you to the latest products and trends that resonate with your unique style and aspirations.

Why Choose Social Ornament?

Expertise: Our team of experts offers invaluable advice and recommendations to help you look and feel your absolute best.

Global Perspective: We’re not just a global magazine; we’re also locally tuned to ensure you’re in touch with international and regional fashion trends.

Creative Collaborations: Our platform serves as a stage for emerging talents and innovative minds, fostering fresh ideas and concepts.

Setting Trends: From runway fashion to holistic wellness, we demystify trends, presenting them in an accessible and exciting manner.

About Submission Guideline

 The fashion magazine in Dubai is an amazing opportunity for aspiring brands and models.

Social Ornament online magazine gives the rising models a chance to advertise with them. They feature the brand image for 2 weeks straight with more audience reach daily. The featured image will be noticeable easily with complete details and promo links.

On the Social Ornament Magazine website, the article banner of the clients can also be featured at reasonable pricing. The Article banner stays up to 1 week after publication with more audience from every article. There’s 1 promotional link and more people reach all at once.

Paid Articles about the client’s business and website can also be published. Certain guidelines about the article publishing: Each article must be of 1K words, 2 permanent promo links, 3-5 business images, and permanently indexed.

Social Ornament does provide Instagram promotion on their social media handle. Clients can advertise both for their business as well as for individual-based promotion. You can post up to 2 IG stories, 1 IG post, 1 Reel, and pinned posts for up to 3 days.

Our Editorial Commitment

At Social Ornament, integrity, and precision guide our editorial process. Our expert team meticulously crafts, edits, and reviews each article to ensure it is accurate, timely, and actionable. Through a rigorous fact-checking process, we guarantee content that is both relevant and trustworthy, upholding our promise of excellence.

About Social Ornament Achievement

The Social Ornament team respects talents and gets inspired by new unique stories. So, they approach aspiring models, fashion designers, makeup artists, and brands to publish in their digital magazines.

Recently, SO magazine has reached over 1 million traffic on its website and social media handles. The Fashion magazine surpasses 200k + readers a month, therefore proving the quality of engaging content published regularly.